What Is Admitad Affiliate? The Basics

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If you just came upon the Admitad Affiliate website and you’re not quite sure what we do, who advertisers are, and what this is all about, this article is for you.

What Admitad Affiliate is

Admitad Affiliate is an affiliate network that acts as an intermediary between advertisers and publishers.

Who advertisers are

An advertiser is an ordinary company (a shop, a bank, a travel agency...) that wants to advertise on the Internet but for some reason can't do so by itself; for example, it lacks specialists, or other tasks take priority. In such cases, the advertiser can get help from publishers.

Who publishers are

Publishers are people who are ready to promote the advertiser's product and to direct users to their website. The space where they advertise is called an ad space.

Publishers might be:

  • Owners of cashback services, loyalty programs, and coupon websites. They add advertisers’ websites as partners and offer discounts, cashback rewards, or points that can be spent at other stores when users make online purchases from the advertisers.
  • Owners of blogs and communities on social networks. They write promotional posts about the advertiser’s product or service or publish prepared posts from the advertiser. The publisher might also, upon agreement with the advertiser, create a separate group on social media that is totally dedicated to the product.
  • Video bloggers. They can make video reviews of the product or place advertising videos before, in the middle of, or after their own videos (i.e., pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll).
  • Owners of affiliate stores. They can add the advertiser’s products to their own stores’ assortments or create a whole new store just for the advertiser.
  • Owners of other content websites. They place banners, provide links to the advertiser's website, or generate product reviews.
  • Doorway makers. Some publishers create auxiliary websites, or doorway pages, to redirect visitors to the advertiser's website.
  • Traffic arbitrators. Publishers that don’t have their own websites can carry out traffic arbitrage by placing search ads, and targeted ads on social networks and teaser ads, pop-ups, and click-unders on other websites.

What Admitad Affiliate is needed for

As a rule, an advertiser works with many publishers, and cooperation with each of them takes a lot of time: you need to negotiate cooperation terms, monitor the publisher’s work, pay rewards, resolve disputes, and more. Many advertisers are not ready to spend their time doing that, so they outsource it to affiliate networks…such as Admitad Affiliate.

Affiliate networks put together databases of advertisers and publishers and arrange cooperation between them, performing the following functions:

  • Setting up a tracking system (monitoring of actions).
  • Keeping statistics.
  • Providing technical support for advertisers and publishers.
  • Providing advice to advertisers and publishers.
  • Monitoring publishers’ observance of rules and weeding out persistent violators.
  • Handling settlement between advertisers and publishers.
  • Resolving disputes.

For these services, the affiliate network charges advertisers a fee.

What an affiliate program is

Cooperation between advertisers and publishers in an affiliate network takes place through an affiliate program (or simply: a program). An affiliate program is created by the advertiser, who specifies the following:

  • What actions are expected from users: registering on the website, installing an app, buying products.
    In Admitad Affiliate, advertisers pay publishers for completed actions such as leads and sales, rather than for clicks or impressions. This payment model is called CPA (Cost Per Action).
  • How much they are ready to pay the publisher for redirecting users to the advertiser’s website and encouraging them to complete the desired action.
  • The terms of placing ads — where they may be placed, in what format, and what needs to be approved by the advertiser.

Also, within an affiliate program, the advertiser should provide ad creatives for publishers to use.

Here is what a program page looks like on Admitad Affiliate:

What Is Admitad Affiliate? The Basics 1

The list of all programs that work with Admitad Affiliate is available in All Programs.


The scenario of a publisher work with Admitad Affiliate

What Is Admitad Affiliate? The Basics 2

To start working with Admitad Affiliate, you need to sign up and add an ad space.

The next step is choosing an affiliate program, joining it, and getting its affiliate link.

Then the real work begins: you place affiliate links and creatives on the ad space. You can use creatives provided by the advertiser as well as ones you make yourself if the program rules allow. Try various promotion methods, analyze the metrics, make changes. Your task is to find an advertising format that catches the interest of visitors to your ad space so that they go to the advertiser's website and complete actions.

When users perform actions, preliminary rewards get credited to your balance. After that, the advertiser checks the actions and, if there are no violations, confirms them. Then you’ll be able to withdraw your reward from the system.

Once you’ve worked with the program a couple of months and accumulated statistics, analyze the metrics again to identify problems and identify the best direction to take. Maybe your cooperation with the program is successful, but you want bigger and better results, or maybe you’re not satisfied at all with what you’ve achieved; depending on your situation, you might want to add a new ad space or pursue cooperation with different programs.

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