Third-Party Advertisers programs in the catalog

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Third-Party Advertisers programs are programs provided by Admitad Affiliate partners.

The procedure for working with Third-Party Advertisers programs is the same as for Managed by Admitad programs: you will receive rewards for the target actions users perform after following affiliate links you publish in your ad space. With that, Third-Party Advertisers programs have some specifics and restrictions.

How to find Third-Party Advertisers programs in the catalog

Every Third-Party Advertisers program has a special badge on the card: 2021-06-28_16-08-21.png

To find Third-Party Advertisers programs in the catalog, select Third-Party Advertisers in the Program type filter:


Specifics and restrictions

Joining a program. Moderation

Third-Party Advertisers programs do not require moderation: you can join them straight away and start your work. How to join programs

If the Join button is disabled in the program card, it means that your ad space refers to a forbidden traffic source. In this case, you won't be able to join the program.

Forbidden traffic sources

For all Third-Party Advertisers programs, the following traffic sources are forbidden:

  • Cashback services
  • Coupon services (although they are not listed as a separate traffic source on the program page)
  • SEM
  • Brand bidding
  • Doorway pages
  • Incentive traffic
  • Adult traffic
  • Targeted ads on social networks
  • Toolbar
  • Pop up / Click-under

If your ad space belongs to a forbidden traffic source, you will not be able to connect it to a Third-Party Advertisers program: the Join button will be disabled. Learn more about Admitad Affiliate traffic sources

Information in the card

  • Badges. Third-Party Advertisers program cards always contain this special badge: 2021-06-28_16-08-21.png. Other badges are not shown in them.
  • Rating: rating is not calculated for Third-Party Advertisers programs. You cannot rate them. Instead of the rating, the No ratings sign is shown in the program card.
  • Commission: always shown as a range of values (from minimum to maximum). You can only find the actual reward amount for a target action in reports, after the action was performed.
  • Conversion rate: there is always a line instead of a value for this indicator, since it is not calculated in Third-Party Advertisers programs.

Other parameters will also have no value at the beginning. But once a sufficient amount of data is collected, respective will be calculated and shown.

Information on the program page

  • Program review and rules: most often, this information is missing in Third-Party Advertisers programs. With that, you can view allowed and forbidden traffic types in the Traffic sources section.
  • CR and EPC: no value in both cases, since they are not calculated in Third-Party Advertisers programs (it's technically impossible).
  • Rates: Third-Party Advertisers always indicates only one rate, Paid order, specifying the minimum and the maximum commission. You can only find the actual reward amount for a target action in reports, after the action was performed.
  • Ad creatives and tools: only the standard affiliate link and deeplink are available in Third-Party Advertisers programs.

Using affiliate links

As with Managed by Admitad programs, you can get a standard affiliate link and a deeplink in Third-Party Advertisers programs. How to get an affiliate link

Affiliate links work exactly the same way as in Managed by Admitad programs: target actions are tracked and reflected in reports.

However, there are some specifics:

  • Due to technical reasons, affiliate links for Third-Party Advertisers programs use a different domain (link address) than those for Managed by Admitad programs:
    • For Third-Party Advertisers:*****************
    • For Managed by Admitad programs:******************
  • You can only add one SubID to Third-Party Advertisers affiliate links. How to add a SubID
  • Affiliate links for Third-Party Advertisers cannot be shortened with Shortlink. This is a temporary restriction that will be lifted soon.
  • Third-Party Advertisers programs are not shown in the PRO tab of Admitad Extension. With that, you can find them in the Lite tab that contains over 30,000 programs.

Reports and action tracking

Reports and action tracking are the same as in Managed by Admitad programs, but there are some restrictions:

  • The rate in a report is always specified as Paid Order.
  • You cannot record or transmit click time data in Third-Party Advertisers programs. This is why this indicator in a report will always match the time of action, and the Conversion time column will have no value.
  • The Order amount column may also have no value since this information is not tracked in some Third-Party Advertisers programs.


  • The reports on SubIDs do not reflect the number of clicks, since Third-Party Advertisers programs only convey the number of target actions through links with a SubID.

Reward accrual and payouts

The reward accrual and withdrawal procedure in Third-Party Advertisers programs is the same as in Managed by Admitad programs: a publisher receives a reward after the advertiser confirms and pays for target actions.

Read more about reward accruals here: After the user performed an action, how soon will I get paid?

How to add a SubID to an affiliate link of the Third-Party Advertisers program

You can add only one SubID parameter to affiliate links of Third-Party Advertisers programs.

There are several ways to add SubIDs:

How to add a SubID to an affiliate link of the Third-Party Advertisers program manually

The SubID is added via the character combination «&s=».

SubID requirements:

  • Latin or Cyrillic letters, special characters, and spaces
  • no more than 50 characters long
  • do not use the "%00" combination


To add a SubID, add &s=XXXXXXX, where XXXXX is the SubID parameter value, at the end of the link.

Affiliate link —
SubID — women25-50
Finished link: —


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