Developing program rules

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Before launching a program, our account manager will send you a form where you should specify all details on working with your program and requirements for ad spaces and traffic sources. It is done to avoid the situations when the publisher will perform an unwanted action out of ignorance, for example, will use banners that you did not approve.

Based on the provided information, the manager will specify rules for your program in the Program Rules (Program Program Settings Program Rules) section.


If your program functions in more than one region, you also will have to provide rules in English. They will be added by the account manager in the Internalization block and will be available for the publishers whose account language differs from the local one.


The rules will be visible to all publishers on your program page. Making a request to join, publishers will have to accept your rules, so in case of violating rules you will have the right to impose sanctions on them: decline actions or even disconnect a violator from the program.


Changing Rules

In case of toughening the program rules, publishers must be notified by email at least 5 days before the new rules come into force so that they can adapt to the changes. Thus, please inform the manager a bit earlier so that the manager has enough time to prepare and send a newsletter.

If, on the contrary, the rules are made less stringent, it is enough to inform publishers one day before the changes take effect.

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