How to add affiliate program info

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Program information includes the description and other details of your affiliate program. This information is one of the key factors that shape a publisher's decision to join or skip your program.

Publishers can see program info in the following locations:

Adding program info

The way you should do it depends on how the program is managed.

  • Your program is managed by a manager. In this case, ask your manager to add or edit your program's info.

  • You manage the program on your own. In this case, you add program info by yourself.

To add or edit program info, go to Program review (menu → Program → Program settings → Program review).

Below you'll find some tips for filling out all the fields in this section.

Having filled out all the fields, click Preview and check what a publisher will see.


Enter your program's name in the Name field. Your program will appear under this name in the Admitad Store catalog.


  • Make sure the program name matches your brand's name. This will help publishers easily find your program using search. 
    • Enter the program name using Latin letters.
    • If you create a program for the CIS market, you can use Cyrillic letters.
  • Don't add the project's brief description to the program name.
    • Wrong: Sindbad — cheap flight tickets online
    • Correct: Sindbad
  • Don't add the domain name (e.g., .com etc.) to the program name.  
    • Wrong:
    • Correct: Aliexpress

You can also indicate the region and payment model in the program name. These indications will help publishers quickly decide whether your program is relevant to them.

Indicating a region in the program name

In the program name, you can indicate the region or regions where your program is available.

  • This indication will help publishers find out from which regions traffic is allowed.

  • This will help you moderate publishers, since affiliates having no target audience in the indicated region will find this out before joining your program.
Program regions Format Example
1 region 1 two-letter region code Romwe US
2-5 regions Two-letter codes separated by commas Perfumes Club ES, DE, IT, FR
5+ regions or unlimited Enter Many GEOs. SHEIN Many GEOs
Worldwide Enter WW* Rentalcars WW

* You can use WW if your website or project is available in English alongside the local language. In this case, you should also add the program description and rules in English alongside the local language.

Additional region indication requirements:

  • Don't use the postfix WW and don't list all the regions if your website or project is only available in the local language.

  • If you start several standalone programs for various regions, specify the two-letter code of the corresponding region in the name of each program.

  • If the program only allows orders from one or several cities, indicate the country code in the name and specify the cities in the program rules.

Postfixes with additional information in the program name

Postfixes are used in programs of the categories Online games, Mobile games, Financial programs.

You can also provide additional details in the program info, namely:

  • Payment model (see abbreviations below)
  • Operating system your app supports (e.g., iOS or Android)

If you use a region code alongside a postfix, enter the program name in the format Name [postfix] {region code}.

Allowed abbreviations:

Acronym Meaning
SOI Single-opt-in
DOI Double-opt-in
CPP Cost per player
CPS Cost per sale
CPC  Cost per click
CPL Cost per lead
CPV Cost per visit
CPI Cost per Install
CPA Cost per action.
Use this acronym for Cost per mailer, Cost per registration on app, and other models not listed here. Specify the exact model in the program description.
API Application programming interface
APK Android package kit

Other postfix requirements:

  • If several action types are subject to payment in the program, do the following:
    • Specify all postfixes in brackets separating them by commas
      Example: Name [CPC, CPL, CPS] RU

    • Or only specify the main postfix
      Example: CPR and SOI — Name [SOI] DE

  • If only one of several actions is subject to payment in the program, specify postfixes separating them by slashes.
    Example: Name [CPL/CPS] UA

Example 1. Banggood [CPI, Android] DE

  • CPI (Cost Per Install) — only application installation is subject to payment
  • Android — Android app
  • DE — the program is only available in Germany

Example 2. Star Stable [SOI] DE AT CH

  • SOI. Registrations not requiring confirmation are subject to payment.
  • DE AT CH — the program is only available in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

In the Website URL field, add the link to your website's homepage.

Use a direct link without any tags. Publishers will use this link to visit and look through your website.

Possible spellings of a program name

Specify all possible spellings of the program name separating them by commas.

Also add spellings in transliteration, those containing the most common typos, those typed in various keyboard layouts, etc.

This will help a publisher find your program in the Admitad Store even if they make a mistake in the brand name.

Add your program logo as an SVG file.


Information in the Description field is one of the driving factors that shape a publisher's decision when selecting a program to join.

This is why it's important that your store and service appears with a catchy description so you can spark a publisher's interest and encourage them to join your program.

The description must always be up-to-date: If you want to edit it, do it on your own or ask your manager.

General description requirements:

  • Company overview including the industry and regions of operation. No more than 3-4 lines.

  • Benefits for consumers.
    Specify your company's advantages that differ you from the competitors (e.g., 24/7 free delivery or exclusive brands).

  • Important information for publishers. Traffic sources with the highest CR, target audience, etc.

  • Negative keywords (if any).

  • Top products (if any).

  • GEO. Regions and cities from which publishers need to attract traffic to be paid for it.

Additional requirements:

  • Online games:
    • KPIs used to evaluate the traffic
    • test limits
    • a link to the ad creatives storage and rules for using them

  • Mobile programs:
    • KPIs used to evaluate the traffic

  • Financial programs
    • Scan copy of the bank license

Brief description

Provide the brief program description of no more than 1-2 lines. This description is used in newsletters to publishers in which we present new programs.

Program info in other languages

If you are ready to cooperate with publishers from other countries, add the program description not only in local languages (e.g., German, Polish, etc.) but also in English or other languages that publishers will understand.

This will help attract more publishers.

Here's what you need to do to add the program description in a new language:

1. In the Program info in other languages section, click Add translation
(menu → ProgramProgram settings → Program rules → Program info in other languages).

2. In the form that opens, fill out the following fields:

  • Select language. Select the language in which you want to add a translation of the description and other information.

  • Name. Specify the program name. Follow the rules from this chapter.
  • Description and brief description. Add program information in the selected language. Follow the rules from this chapter.

  • Program rules. If you have already outline the program rules, you can add translations for them. Learn more about program rules

3. Click Save changes.

You’re all set! The program description in the new language will appear in the Program info in other languages section.

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