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The Coupons & Deals tool will be helpful for advertisers concerned with selling products and services. On the other hand, it does not work for financial, mobile, or gaming programs.

If you carry out promotions or sales on your website, you may want to add them as deals or promo codes to your account. This way, you will be able to involve a group of publishers—coupon website owners—and provide the existing affiliates with one more tool for driving traffic to the website.


Here's what you can do with Coupons & Deals:

  • create a deal or a promo code that will be exclusively available to the participants of the selected group or channel, or specific publishers
  • add, within one deal, several promo codes for different publishers and arrange for all actions with the use of such promo codes to be only credited to appropriate publishers

Differences between deals and promo codes

In contrast to a deal, the user needs to enter a promo code when placing an order to get a discount. During a deal, the discount is set for a certain category of products a priori, and the user only needs to place an order as usual.

Adding a coupon or promo code

Coupons can be added:

How to add a coupon manually

1. To add deals or promo codes, go to Coupons & Deals.



2. Click Add new coupon or deal.



General information

Brief description

Describe the deal or coupon you are going to add. Examples:

  • Get $70 OFF flight tickets
  • 30% OFF knitted clothes
  • Free hand care cream for every order!
  • Free delivery
  • Season sale! Get up to 80% OFF!

Don't specify deal details (e.g. *for orders over $100; cannot be combined with other discounts, etc.). You have the Additional terms field for that.

Promo code

Enter the promo code.
If you're adding a deal, just skip this field.

Sometimes you need to add several promo codes within one deal: for instance, promo codes for different publishers, groups, or channels.

1. For that, click Add another promo code.



2. Enter the promo code and click Customize targeting.


3. Pick channels, groups, or publishers for which the promo code will work, and apply changes.



To set up targeting of the main promo code, go to the Targeting of a deal or promo code section.

Though in Admitad Partner Network the promo code will only be available to the publishers you've selected, once they deploy the promo code in their ad spaces, other publishers will see and be able to use it. If you want no other publisher rather than the selected ones to receive a reward for a purchase made with that promo code, contact your account manager to add a unique promo code.

Additional terms

If a deal or promo code has limitations or the order must meet specific requirements for the user to apply the discount, provide them in this field.

Examples of common terms:

  • The promo code must be entered.
  • The deal applies to (list products or product groups).
  • The deal only works for new customers.
  • The minimum order amount is XXX.
  • Cannot be combined with other discounts.
  • Free delivery only in (list cities).

Specify the terms one by one, as regular sentences: starting with a capital letter and ending with a period.


Choose the coupon language from the dropdown list. Make sure the coupon language you chose matches the language in which you filled the Brief description and Additional terms fields.

With this option, publishers can easily find coupons in the language their audience speaks.




Pick categories to which the coupon will apply. For instance, if it's 30% OFF outerwear!, choose the Clothing category.
Choose the category based on the coupon terms rather than your vertical. For example, if you own an apparel store but add a bijouterie coupon, choose the Watches & jewelry category.

Type of coupon or deal

Pick one of the following options:

  • Free delivery: Provides a free order delivery.
  • A gift for an order: The customer gets a gift with the order.
  • Discount on an order.


If there is a promo code, choose Promo code; if there is not, Deal.

Special category

The only special category available is AliExpress Hot Products: it is used only for AliExpress programs.



Additional information

Time of action

Set the start and expiration time of your deal or promo code. You can add coupons several days before they come into effect, and they will be activated automatically as planned.



The start and end times are set in Moscow time (UTC+3), no matter your time zone. You cannot set an earlier time than the current Moscow time.
Example: you're in London, it's 2 PM. The coupon must start in half an hour, at 2:30. Add the time difference between London and Moscow (3 hours) and set the time you get as the start time (in this case, it will be 5:30 PM).
BUT. If it's, say, 11 AM in Moscow, you cannot set the start time for 10:45 AM of the same day, no matter where you are.

If a deal or promo code must work continuously, check the Unlimited box instead of setting the start and expiration times.
The date of start, in this case, will be the current Moscow time, regardless of the time zone in which the coupon was added.


Set up the coupon expiration reminder so you can extend it timely or get to prepare new coupons. Check the Notify box and choose when you need to be notified. The reminder alert will be sent to the email specified in the account settings.


Don't forget to enable such alerts in settings.




  • If you need the coupon to start working right away and be visible to publishers, choose the Active status. It will be switched to the Inactive status automatically, once expires.
  • If you create a delayed-start coupon, you have to set the Active status while creating it. Otherwise, if your delayed coupon has the Inactive status, it won't be activated at the start time.

Do not display as "coming soon"

If you don't want to announce an upcoming deal, check this box to keep the coupon hidden from the publishers until the start time.

However, we recommend against using this checkbox, so publishers can know about upcoming deals and special offers and prepare promotions and content plans beforehand. This will help attract more customers.

Transition link

To make sure that visitors don't go through a regular link but get straight to the sale or discounted product, specify the coupon link in the field Transition link. That link must be formed as follows:

1. Copy the landing page link (e.g. This will be the first half of the link.

2. Go to Program → Program Settings → General settings, and copy the parameters (everything after the "?") from the Transition link field. This will be the second half of the link.



3. Go back to the Adding a new coupon or deal page and put the two parts together to assemble the coupon link:



Sometimes a landing page link may contain an anchor:
In this case, the second half of the link (the one with the parameters) is inserted after «/» but before «#»:{{admitad_uid}}#item158985.
Don't put the slash after the parameters and before the anchor.

If the Transition link field remains empty after you added the coupon, the visitors will land on your website through the standard transition link—i.e. on the main page.

When finished, check again that the Transition link field either is empty or contains a link with parameters. If the link is here but it carries no parameters, clock-throughs will not be accounted!


Mark a promo code or deal as exclusive if you want to make them available to Admitad Partner Network publishers only.

Coupon discount

Enter the discount rate or the absolute discount value with the currency (e.g. 13% or $2).

Targeting of a deal or promo code

By default, any deal or promo code is available to all publishers. If you want to go the other way, select who will see the promo code or deal you are adding—in the ChannelsGroups, and Publisher fields.

When choosing Regions, you may want to be guided by the countries where the deal or promo code work, and the language in which their descriptions and terms are specified:

  • If you add a coupon with descriptions and terms in Russian, only select Russian-speaking countries.
  • If the deal works for other, non-Russian-speaking, countries, add another coupon—with the same terms but in English, having chosen English-speaking countries.
  • If you add a coupon that only works in Spain, specify Spain only in regions: don't add other Spanish-speaking countries.

The region list only contains the countries with which your program works.

When finished, check again that your selection does not comprise regions where the deal will not work or where publishers will not understand the deal description.

How to add coupons using a file

To add multiple coupons and promo codes at once:

Preparing file for upload

1. Download the file "Template_for_uploading_coupons_and_discounts.xlsx" and open it.

The file contains several worksheets:

  • Create Coupons is your worksheet. This is where you enter coupon and promo code data.
  • All other worksheets are directories and cannot be edited.
    These worksheets contain values that you can use for the corresponding columns in the Create Coupons sheet

Do not delete or swap sheets and columns in the file, or the system will not be able to process the file correctly when it is loaded.

2. Go to the Create Coupons sheet and fill in the columns of the table.

In the file, under the first line, you will see a line with an example of filling all columns of the table. Delete it after entering the data about the promo codes you want to add.

Below you will see the recommendations on completing the file. Required columns are marked with the asterisk (*).

  • Brief description*. Briefly describe the deal or coupon.

    The description must not be more than 100 characters long.


    • Get $70 OFF flight tickets
    • 30% OFF knitted clothes
    • Free delivery

    This field is not for describing detailed deal terms (e.g. "for orders from $20" or "is not cumulative with any other discount"; this information must be specified in the next column, Additional terms).

    Additional terms*. Specify the conditions, restrictions, or requirements the order must meet or comply to be subject to the discount.


    • The deal applies to (list products or product groups).
    • The deal only works for new customers.
    • The minimum order amount is XXX.

    Transition link. Specify the link in the format{{admitad_uid}}/, so users land straight on the sale or promotional product page. How to create a transition link.

    Unless you don't specify the link, a standard affiliate link that leads to the home page of the affiliate program website will be used by default.

    Discount*. Specify the discount rate or amount.
    Format: integer number, without currency or percentage sign.
    Max discount percentage: 99.
    Max discount amount: unlimited.

    Currency*. Specify the currency code if the discount is a fixed amount. You can select the currency code from the dropdown list when editing a cell.
    Enter the sign % if the discount is a percentage of the purchase amount.

    Country*. The coupon will only be displayed for the publishers from the specified countries.
    If you need to show coupons for publishers from several countries, list several values separating them with a ";". Allowed values are listed in the Countries sheet.
    Example: LT;SE

    Coupon language. Specify the language in which you completed the Brief description and Additional conditions.

    Using this information, publishers will be able to easily find coupons in the language their audience speaks.
    Allowed values are listed in the Coupon language sheet.
    Example: FR

    Exclusive*. This mark indicates a coupon exclusive to Admitad Partner Network publishers.
    Select a value from the list:

    • Yes if the coupon is exclusive.
    • No if the coupon is not exclusive.

    Unique. This mark indicates that the coupon is unique.
    This means that actions are credited based on the promo code value assigned to a specific publisher (rather than based on UID as usual).
    • Yes if the coupon is unique.
    • No if the coupon is not unique.

    More about unique promo codes.

    Publisher usernames. If this column is completed, the coupon will be only available to the specified publishers.
    If you need to enter several values, list them, separating each other with a ";".
    If the column is not completed, the coupon will be available to all publishers.

    Example: publisher1;publisher2.

    Promo code. Enter the promo code value.

    This field is required if the column Unique has the value Yes.
    Example: WINTER30

    Kind. Coupon kind: deal or promo code.

    • If the column Promo code is completed, specify promocode.
    • If the column Promo code is not completed, specify action

    . Specify the category identifier.
    Categories and their identifiers are listed in the Categories sheet.
    Special category. Specify the special category's identifier.
    Only one value is allowed for the special category: 9.
    This is a special category AliExpress Hot Products.
    Coupon types*. Specify one of the values depending on the coupon type:
    1 for free delivery
    2 for a discount on an order
    3 for a gift for the order

    Start date and End date. These fields define the coupon's validity period.
    Format: DD:MM:YY HH:MM

    • If the coupon has an unlimited validity period, do not specify the end date.
    • If the coupon is supposed to remain valid for a limited period, specify the end date.
    • If the coupon should become valid on a specific day in the future, specify such a day in the field Start date.
    If you do not specify the start date, the system will create a coupon with the date and time when the file was uploaded to the system.
    If you only specify the date and leave the time empty, the system will automatically add "00:00" as the time.

    Coupon start and end times are set in Moscow time (UTC+3), no matter your time zone. You cannot set a start time that is earlier than the current time in Moscow (UTC+3).
    Example: you're in London, it's 2 PM. The coupon must start in half an hour, at 2:30. Add the time difference between London and Moscow (3 hours) and set the time you get as the start time (in this case, it will be 5:30 PM).
    BUT. If it's, say, 11 AM in Moscow, you cannot set the start time for 10:45 AM on the same day, no matter where you are.

    Expiry notification. Specify when you would like to be notified about the coupon expiry (days before the end date). The notification will be sent to the email address specified in the account settings.
    Format: integer number.
    Max value: 6

    Status*. Coupon status, specify one of the values:

    • active — the coupon will become valid right after the file is uploaded to the system.
    • inactive — the coupon will not become valid until you change its status.

    Do not display as coming soon*. This option defines whether publishers will see coupon info before it becomes valid. Specify one of the values:

    • Yes — the coupon will be hidden from publishers until the start date.
    • No — the coupon will be available to publishers right after the file is uploaded to the system.

    Groups. If you want to make a coupon available only to a specific group of publishers, enter the group name in this column. If you need to enter several groups, separate each other with a ";".

    Channels. If you want to make a coupon available only to a specific channel of publishers, enter the channel name in this column. If you need to enter several channels, separate each other with a ";".

3. After you entered all the promo code and/or deal information, remove the line that was shown as an example, then save the file.

Uploading the data file to the system

Max file size: 10 MB.

1. In the Coupons & Deals section, click Import coupons.



2. In the import window, click Choose File and specify the path to the completed coupons and/or deals file. Click Send.



3. Coupons and/or deals will be uploaded to the system. After that, they will be shown:

  • In the list of coupons and discounts on your personal account.
  • In the publisher's personal account in the section with discounts and coupons from advertisers.
    If Start Date is later than the current date or the coupon status is "inactive," it will not be displayed to publishers.  

After the upload is finished, you will be able to edit the coupon in your personal account.

Possible upload errors

If some fields were incorrectly completed when creating a coupon and discounts file, the system will report errors when uploading the file.



Eliminate the errors in the respective lines, then upload the file again.

Possible errors:

Error text Comment
(currency) currency does not exist. Correct the value in the column Currency. Only use the codes listed in the Currencies sheet.
Enter a correct coupon validity period. Specify the Start date and/or End date in the following format: DD:MM:YY HH:MM.
Start date must be earlier than end date. Correct the values in the columns Start date and End date.
Coupons cannot be launched backdated. Correct the value in the column Start date: it must be later than the current date.
Discount is a required field. Fill out the column Discount.
Discount may not be higher than 99%. Correct the value in the column Discount.
Select a valid number of days for notification. No more than 6. Correct the value in the column Expiry notification.
Channels with ID={channel name} do not exist in the program or are inactive. Correct the value in the column Channels.
Groups with ID={group name} do not exist in the program or are inactive. Correct the value in the column Groups.
Promo code promo code name already exists. Correct the value in the column Promo code.
The unique promo code should correspond to one publisher. If the value in the column Unique is yes, the value in the column Promo code must be unique.
Publishers with usernames {webmaster_logins} do not exist. Correct the username(s) in the column Publishers. Make sure that the publisher is connected to the program.
Invalid file name Correct the file name. Do not use special characters in the name.
Cannot define file parameters. The file must have been damaged. Download the template again and complete it.
Invalid form. Fix the errors below. The upload file must be in the format XLSX or XLS.
File is too large: {file size}. Max file size: 10 MB. Check the file size. It must not exceed 10 MB. To reduce the file size, split the datasheet into several parts and upload each part in a separate file.


How to add coupons or promo codes through a manager

For that, provide the manager with all the necessary details of coupons or promo codes that you need to add to your program. Provide information in a table.

1. Download the file Coupon and deal upload template.xlsx and fill it out following this guide

2. Send the file to your manager.
They will upload all the mentioned coupons and promo codes to your programs and let you know when done.

3. After that, all the uploaded coupons and promo codes will appear in Coupons and deals.

Editing a promo code or deal

The Tools field offers the following actions with coupons:

  • Reports opens the coupon's daily reports in the current month. In the report filter, the coupon is featured as a banner. Read more in Analyzing coupon performance.
  • Copy clones the coupon and opens its copy so you can edit it. It may come in handy when you need to create coupon copies for other languages or with other targeting settings.
  • Edit.
  • Deactivate / Activate.

You can manage several coupons at a time. For that, select them (by checking boxes) and choose the action in the Apply to the selected coupons field:



Coupons and iframe

In the publisher account, links of the following types are displayed:

  • a link leading to the deal page



  • the coupon or promo code header in iframe is displayed in the upper part of the page



If your website does not support iframe or you just don't want to use it, forbid this type of coupon traffic. For that, contact your manager and they will check the related box in General program settings.

When iframe is not allowed, publishers can only access the links leading to the deal page. Those links will automatically replace all the links with iframe that have already been placed in publishers' ad spaces.

Unique promo codes

Unique promo codes make a special type. There, actions are credited based on the promo code value assigned to a specific publisher (rather than based on UID as usual). You can read more about unique promo codes here.

Analyzing coupon performance

You can check which of the added coupons turned out to be more converting in Reports on banners (Reports — Reports on banners). Despite the name, this section contains data not only for banners, but also for coupons and the default affiliate link.



The report shows the following:

  • number of clicks for every coupon and eCPC (effective Cost per Click)
  • average conversion rate (CR)
  • number of actions performed after the click on the coupon
    The actions are divided by status (on hold, confirmed, declined) and by type (lead or sale). Every column contains the total amount of sales and leads with this status. For confirmed action, the approval rate is shown, which indicates the ratio of confirmed actions (leads and sales) to the total number of processed—both confirmed and declined—actions. If there are no confirmed or declined actions, there will be the "—" in the column.

When comparing coupons, go by the number of confirmed actions and the related amount.

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