Using the Brands section — brand and store catalog

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In the Brands section you will find the brands and stores that are open for collaboration and ready to pay for orders from your followers, readers, and viewers.

Here you can pick a brand and get a referral link (see this guide) to then publish it on your social media account.

Brands and stores on this page are grouped by region. These selections include the most relevant brands in the US, the UK, and other countries.

Brand selections are divided into categories by vertical: Fashion, Beauty, etc.

  • Click on a region name to view selections for it.

  • To view all brands of a certain category, just click on it.

  • To view all brands available in ConvertSocial, click All brands.


Brand card in ConvertSocial

In All brands or inside a category selection, you will see brand and store cards.

To find a brand, use the search bar or filter by brand features at the top of the page.

Alongside a logo and name, the brand card shows the average commission per order made through your referral link.

The card may also contain additional badges that reflect various features of the brand:

  • Mobile traffic. This badge means the brand allows mobile traffic. Choose brands with this badge if most of your users browse on mobile devices.

  • Requires moderation. This badge means you need to undergo moderation to collaborate with this brand. To do so, click Get link and follow the instructions.

You can also generate a referral link in the brand card by clicking Get Link (see this guide) or visiting the brand's website.


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