Plans for advertisers: How to choose or change a plan

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Currently, only advertisers whose companies are registered in India, Portugal, Brazil, Poland, the US, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, or Egypt can choose a plan.

If you've just started working with Admitad, you need to choose a plan once you log in to your account.

A plan is a service bundle subject to a monthly payment. You can choose one of three plans that will best cater to your needs.

You'll also pay a monthly fee, which is a reward for target actions performed by users that publishers attracted to your website and/or app.

How to choose a plan

1. To choose a plan, do the following:

  • At your first login to the account, click Choose plan in the pop-up window.
  • Or go to Plans (Settings → Plans).

2. Select a plan—Standard, Plus, or Enterprise—by clicking Choose.

To read more about all services in a plan, click All features.

  •   Standard Plus Enterprise
    Affiliate program management On your own Personal manager Personal manager
    Affiliate program setup On your own Personal manager Personal manager
    Help with integration & technical advice No No Yes

You have successfully chosen your plan!

After that:

  • A manager will contact you and send you an invoice.
  • After you pay, finish integration and setup, your program will be started.

You'll receive the invoice on the first day of every month.

If you chose Enterprise plan but your website and/or app doesn't meet all the requirements of it, a manager will ask you to choose another one.

How to change a plan

To change a plan, go to Plans and select a plan you want to change by clicking Choose.

If your affiliate program:

  • Is not launched yet, the plan will be changed right away, and you'll receive an invoice for the new plan.

  • Is active, your current plan will remain active until the first day of the next month. On the first day of the next month, your current plan will change to the selected one, and you'll receive an invoice for the new plan.

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