How to update personal info in the account

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How to change personal details

1. In your account, go to Settings.
Your personal details live in the General tab.

2. Click Edit to the right of the field where you are going to change the details, or click on the field.

3. Make changes and click Save


To save changes in some fields, you will need to enter your account password or your password and the confirmation code.

Field name What you type
Name Account password

Account password
Confirmation code 


Account password
Confirmation code

Birthday Account password
Company Name (for legal entities) Account password
Skype Account password
ICQ Account password

If you forgot your password, please contact support.

How to get a confirmation code

The method of getting a code depends on whether 2-factor authentication is set up in your account.

  • Disabled. A confirmation code will be sent in a text message to the phone number associated with your account.
  • Enabled. Use the code from Google Authenticator. 

Enter the code, click Confirm, then Save.

What details cannot be updated

You cannot edit the following details in the account:

  • username
  • publisher ID
  • email (but you can add a new email and set it as the primary email)
  • account level (automatically assigned by the system after certain conditions are met)

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