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Guest access is a new feature for publishers that work in a team.

Now you can give access only to those sections which your employees need to complete their work tasks. E.g., the developers will get access to Postback URL settings, the accountants — to payouts and payment information, and the support team — to lost orders.

And, what is more important, you will no longer have to share your password with anyone — each employee will have their own guest account that can be changed or deleted at any time.

Creating a guest account

1. To grant an employee guest access, go to Settings Guest accountsAdd an account.

2. Fill the form in the Create an account section.

  • Specify the name and surname of your employee and their position.
  • Enter their e-mail address. It will serve as a login, so you will not be able to change it in the future. Also, an invitation with the link for password creation will be sent to the specified address.
  • Mark the Enable two-factor authentication option if you want a guest user to be able to set up two-factor authentication in their account (instruction).
After setting up two-factior authentication, a guest user won't be able to disable it by themselves. How to disable it for a guest user

3. In Available sections, choose the sections accessible to the employee for whom you're creating an account. See more about settings of Available sections

4. Click Invite guest.
After that, the user will get an invitation with a link on the specified email.


Settings of Available sections 


  • 30-Day Report — a guest can see the statistics for the last 30 days on the dashboard.
  • Balance and payouts — a guest can see balance and make payouts.
  • Instant Payout — a guest can create requests for fund transfers via Instant Payout. More about the service
    In order to give a guest user access to Instant Payout, first, give access to the Balance and payouts section.


  • Postback URL — gives full access to this tool: a user can see the list of existing Postback URLs, change their settings and delete them, as well as add new URLs to which information about conversions will be sent.
  • Broken links —a guest can see the list of broken links and remove already fixed ones from it.
  • Lost orders — a user can add new requests for lost orders and manage already created ones.


  • My programs — a user can see the list of joined programs, get information about them, including affiliate links and ad creatives. However, the guest will not be able to see program rates and to join or leave a program.
  • Rates — if you give access to this section, a user will see program rates in My programs, including exclusive ones.
  • Joining and leaving — a user can apply for cooperation with programs or leave them.


  • Reports — gives access to all tabs in the Reports section.


  • CommonCommon tab in the account settings. Access to it is banned for security reasons.
  • Ad Spaces — gives access to Ad Spaces tab in the account settings. A user can edit already added ad spaces, delete them or add new ones.
    The list of ad spaces in the upper right corner of the account is available for a user regardless of access settings to this tab.
  • Payment information — a user can see and add payment methods. Guests cannot delete payment methods, and to add new ones they will need to enter a confirmation code which will be sent to your phone number.

Other than that, a user can work with Admitad Extension for Chrome and other browsers, but all other apps will be banned for download.

Working with guest accounts

After you add the account, an invitation with the link for password creation will be sent to the specified e-mail address. And you will see a table that shows the names of the users, their positions, e-mails, available sections, date and IP-address of the last activity.

Guest access to personal account 4

  • By pressing Guest access to personal account 5 button you can sign in as your guest and check which sections and functions are available to them.
  • By pressing Guest access to personal account 6  you can change the guest's information or sections available to them.
  • By pressing Guest access to personal account 7  and confirming you can delete the guest account.

Where can you authorize using a guest account?

An employee can use guest access to authorize and work in:

  • your publisher's personal account in Admitad Partner Network Network
  • Admitad Extension
  • Admitad Bot for Telegram

Example of use

Many publishers involve editors in publishing of advertising posts. With guest access, the work of the editors and tracking their effectiveness comes down to several simple steps.

1. Create a guest account for the editor and give him a unique ID, so that you can distinguish him from the others, e.g. "editor_smith".

2. The editor will install Admitad Extension for Chrome and enter their identifier in the SubID field.

Guest access to personal account 8


3. Done! Now the editor can generate affiliate links to the products right on the store's website, and all these links will be already marked with SubID. If you want to know which of the editors works, just go to the SubID statistics.

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