Why do I need to confirm a payment method?

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Confirming the payment method helps protect your funds from fraudsters. You can use a new payment method only after it is confirmed.

After adding a payment method the system will require you to confirm it. To do that, enter the SMS code sent to your phone number (you specified it in the settings of your account).

Why do I need to confirm a payment method? 1

It is not necessary to pass confirmation right after adding a payment method, you can do it later. Go to SettingsPayment details and click the status of a payment method.

Why do I need to confirm a payment method? 2

After confirming the status of a method will change to Being checked until Admitad Affiliate specialists check your payment details — usually it takes no more than 1-2 business days. If the check is successful, the payment method becomes Active, and you can use it to withdraw money.

If the incorrect payment details were specified in the payment method, after the check it will get the Needs editing status. You will need to fix the errors and then the data will be sent for a recheck.

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