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Admitad Extension is an extension for creating affiliate links right on the advertiser’s website. The extension can be used with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Opera.

Who can use it

The Extension is intended both for new users who have never registered with Admitad Partner Network and aren’t familiar with affiliate marketing and for experienced Admitad Partner Network publishers.

What it allows you to do

  • New users who register through the Extension can try their hand at affiliate marketing.
  • The Extension simplifies the work of experienced publishers and gives them access to new programs.

How to use it

This depends on what kind of user you are:

New user

We’ve simplified registration as much as possible and removed unnecessary steps — creating an ad space, joining affiliate programs, moderation — so you can start working and gaining profit right away.

To start earning money with Admitad Partner Network:

1. Download the Extension

2. Register. To do so, open the Extension in your browser (on any page). The Extension icon can be found to the right of the address bar.

Admitad Extension 1

3. Click Sign up.

Admitad Extension 2

4. Fill in the fields and agree with the rules and privacy policy. This is all mandatory for registration. If you want to receive useful newsletters, check the box next to “I agree to receive email notifications…”

Admitad Extension 3

5. Go to the page of the product you want to recommend, then open the Extension.

Admitad Extension 4

Tip: When searching on Google, choose sites marked with Admitad Extension 5 — this indicates that the site in question is in the Extension. 
Admitad Extension 6

6. To share a link on Facebook, VKontakte, or Twitter, click the corresponding icon and specify where you want to publish the link: on your feed, in a group, or as a private message.

Admitad Extension 7

Or click Copy to put the link somewhere else (e.g., Instagram, YouTube, or WhatsApp).

Admitad Extension 8

You’re all set! Now you’ll receive rewards for every order made using the link.

You can track your performance in the Reports section of the Admitad Partner Network site. To do so, click the corresponding link on the Extension menu.

Admitad Extension 9

This is also where you can withdraw earnings once you’ve accumulated the minimum withdrawal amount.

Example of how to use Admitad Extension

We recently got a Cook N Home frying pan, and it’s so cool that we’ve decided to recommend it to friends, earning a little money at the same time.

We googled “buy cook n home frying pan” and on the first page of results, there were several stores that are in the Extension.

Admitad Extension 10

We compared prices in order to recommend the best deal to our friends. We ended up going with the online store Wayfair. We went to the site, found the frying pan, and opened the Extension.

Admitad Extension 11

To share the link on Facebook, we click on the network icon. In the window that comes up, we choose where exactly to share the link. In this case, we want our personal page (Friends). We add comments to explain why we decided to share this find. When we’re done, we click Post to Facebook.

Admitad Extension 12


Done! If any of our friends get interested and buys the pan, we’ll receive a reward.


Experienced user

Experienced users, unlike beginners, have access to the Pro section as well as to Lite.

Comparison: Pro and Lite

  PRO Lite
Number of programs More than 2000 — all the programs that are in the Admitad Store section are included More than 60 000 are available. They cannot be found in the program catalog.
Conditions for obtaining affiliate links You need your ad space joined first. Links are available immediately. You don’t need to join.
What will happen to links and traffic when the program is disconnected Links stop working, traffic is lost. Links are valid, traffic is automatically get redirected to a different, similar program, and you can continue earning money.
Rate information Rates are specified on the program page in the Admitad Store section. You can precisely calculate how much you should receive in rewards for each order. Since the programs aren’t in the program catalog, information on rates isn’t provided. The reward rate can be only loosely approximated by dividing the average reward by the average order amount.
Reward amount Between two analogous programs, the rewards for the one from the Pro tab will be a little higher. Between two analogous programs, the rewards for the one from the Lite tab will be a little lower.
SubID Up to 4 SubIDs can be added to a link. One SubID can be added to a link. Only target actions performed by such links will be registered in reports. Clicks on links are temporarily not registered.
Lost orders and appeals You can create lost-order requests and appeal claims. Only for programs that support this tool. Currently, this feature is not supported.
Reports In reports, the data is divided by program. In reports, all data is presented as part of the Admitad Lite program. You can find out which program an action belongs to by looking at the Comments column.
Broken links Using the Broken links tool, you can find out which links are no longer functional and don't generate income, in order to replace them. This feature is not supported.
Link Checker Using Link Checker, you can make sure that a SubID was added correctly or that a deeplink was generated properly. This feature is not supported.
Affiliate link format Full and shortened. Only shortened.



  • Working with Lite is easier and more convenient, especially for beginners.
  • Pro users can promo codes and the terms for Pro programs are a bit better, but to work with them, you need to submit a request for joining them and undergo moderation.
  • We recommend using Lite if you don’t want to get caught up in the subtleties of each program or if the advertiser’s site isn’t in Pro, or if the ad space you need isn’t connected to the program.

The two versions work in basically the same way:

1. Download the Extension

2. Log in by opening the Extension on any page in your browser, not necessarily the advertiser’s website.

Admitad Extension 13

The Extension will remember you, and next time you won’t need to log in.

3. Go to the page of the advertiser’s site for which a deeplink is needed.

Tip: When searching on Google, choose sites marked with Admitad Extension 14 or Admitad Extension 15 — this indicates that the program in question is in one of the sections of the Extension. The icon Admitad Extension 16 means it’s in both.

4. Open the extension. You’ll see the name of the program and its indicators. Details can be accessed by hitting the question mark icon.

Admitad Extension 17

5. If your ad space still isn’t connected to the program, the Extension will suggest that you join it:

Admitad Extension 18

If you’re already working with the program, you’ll see a section called Affiliate link settings to the right of the description. A shortened, ready-to-use deeplink to this page will be waiting for you in the Deeplink field.

Admitad Extension 19

You can also share it on Facebook or Twitter or copy it to share it somewhere else.

6. Additional options:

  • add SubID — if you want to differentiate traffic.
  • share on social networks  — allows you to share the link in your group or on your page on Facebook or Twitter, or to send it in a private message.
  • short link — enabled by default. Lets you make the link more attractive to users. If you actually need the long link, switch this feature off.

Limitation on working with Admitad Lite

1. Admitad Lite doesn't support a few Admitad Partner Network tools:

2. Clicks on links with SubIDs created via Admitad Lite are temporarily not registered in reports. At the moment, it only covers target actions.

3. When working with Admitad Lite, it is prohibited to:

  • Use contextual advertising.
  • Use brand names as keywords without the owner’s permission (brand bidding).
  • Drive traffic from arbitration systems.

4. The following types of ad spaces aren't permitted to work with Admitad Lite: 

  • Coupon sites or cashback services
  • Unfinished sites or sites currently under development
  • Sites whose content consists exclusively of banners
  • Sites that use methods designed to drive up the number of clicks (incentive clicks, forced clicks)
  • Sites that use illegal methods of promotion (cookie stuffing, spyware or adware, etc.)
  • Sites whose domains are similar to those of popular sites
  • Sites with lotteries or giveaways
  • Sites with illegal content or content approving of or promoting illegal actions
  • Sites of a pornographic, erotic, radical, political, discriminatory, criminal, or immoral nature or containing links to such sites

If your site falls into one of these categories, you’ll get a message saying “Unfortunately, this ad space cannot join Admitad Lite.”

5. In Admitad lite, you can only get a shortened link as you can't disable link shortening. You can get a full link on the PRO tab.



Problems with signing in on the Extension

The following might help:

  • Disable adblockers and anti-virus software.
  • Clear your browser’s cookies and cache.
  • Update your browser to the latest version.
  • Reinstall the Extension.

If you still can’t sign in, create a request to Admitad support, specifying:

  • your browser name and version
  • the extensions installed for it
  • your anti-virus software

Is it possible to work with Admitad Extension using a guest account?

Yes, guest account users can access all features of Admitad Extension.

I want to share a link on Facebook or Instagram, but I get an error

Facebook and Instagram sometimes block short links from the Extension. If you’re having an issue with this, turn off link-shortening (the Short link button) and share the long version.
You can disable link shortening on the PRO tab only. On the Lite tab, you can only get a shortened link.

I want access to the Pro section. What should I do?

To get the Pro status and the chance to work with regular Admitad Partner Network programs, go to your account on and add a new ad space. The Pro section will appear in the Extension automatically. If this doesn’t happen immediately, go to your profile and click Refresh.

Does Admitad Extension check whether AliExpress products are affiliate?

No, you cannot check if certain AliExpress products are affiliate or not using the extension.

You can do so using:

  • Link Checker.
  • the Reward calculation tool on the AliExpress WW and AliExpress RU&CIS program pages.

    Admitad Extension 20

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