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Coupons and promo codes are special offers (such as discounts, gifts, or free delivery) provided by advertisers. You can promote these offers on your ad space to motivate your users to place orders.

What is the difference between coupons and promo codes?

A coupon and a promo code are both an affiliate link that leads to a page of an offer on the advertiser's website. The only difference is that to get a discount using a promo code the user has to enter a special code word while placing an order. As for a coupon, the discount is activated automatically at the moment of clickthrough.

There is also a special type of promo codes: unique promo codes. Unlike the regular promo codes, unique promo codes can be used without affiliate links. If a user enters your unique promo code while placing an order, the order will be attributed to you—no matter how that user got to the website. You can learn more about unique promo codes here: "Unique promo codes".

How to use coupons and promo codes?

Here, you can find some examples of how coupons and promo codes can be used.

How to get coupons and promo codes?

To get a coupon or promo code for an affiliate program, you first need to join it.

There are two ways to get a coupon or promo code:

Method 1 — through Coupons & Deals

1. Go to Tools and select Coupons & Deals.

Coupons and promo codes 1

2. You will see coupons and promo codes of all affiliate programs in Admitad Partner Network.

To find the coupon you need more quickly, use the filters on the left of the page:

  • The region filter allows you to see coupons that are valid for a given country.
    In choosing the region, focus on your audience's geography. If you know that the majority of your subscribers are from the US, it would make sense to look for coupons valid there.

  • Filter by language
    Helps to find coupons and promo codes in a certain language.
    For instance, if your ad space mostly targets French-speaking users, it would stack up if you offered them coupons in French.

  • Filter by program
    Use this filter if you want to see what coupons and promo codes are available in specific programs.
    To select only those special offers that are available for your ad space, tick the Only joined programs box. Then, only the special offers of the programs your ad space is connected to will be shown.

  • Filter by deal type
    Select the type of special offers you are looking for: free delivery, gift for an order, or discount for an order.
    If you tick the Exclusive coupons & deals box, you will see the coupons from affiliate programs that are only available in Admitad Partner Network and not in any other networks.
    And if you tick the Coming soon box, you will see coupons and promo codes that are not yet active. This function is useful when you are selecting coupons in advance.

  • Filter by coupon format
    Using this filter, you can search only for coupons or only for promo codes (the difference between them was explained above).

  • Filter by category
    Use this filter to find coupons that are valid for a certain category of goods. For example, you might want to use it if you own a blog about books, and are looking for book-related deals.

  • Special categories coupon type
    Only shows AliExpress Hot Products.

3. Select the coupon you need. Pay attention to the terms of the deal and its validity period to avoid posting a coupon that is about to expire.

4. If you have joined the program, you will see the Code button in the lower right corner of the coupon. Hit it.

Coupons and promo codes 2

5. Two links will appear in a new window:

  • Link: if you use this link, terms of the offer will be shown inside the iframe tag in the top part of the screen. Example
  • Direct Link: this link will redirect the user to the page with the offer without displaying the header. Example
    We recommend that you use the direct link because the iframe tag is sometimes blocked by Internet browsers.

Coupons and promo codes 3

6. Copy and use one of them on your ad space.

If you'd like to get a link to a particular product that is included in the special offer, rather than to the offer's landing page, click Deeplink generator.

Coupons and promo codes 4

Insert the link that leads to the product or category page and click Generate.

Coupons and promo codes 5

Use the generated link.

Method 2. Telegram bot

To use Admitad Affiliate Bot on your device, you need to have the Telegram messenger installed.

Admitad Affiliate Bot is a Telegram bot that allows users to access the main features of their Admitad Partner Network account.

How to get coupons or promo codes for a program:

1. Find Admitad Affiliate Bot on Telegram and log in to your account following this guide

2. Get coupons and promo codes following this guide.

Method 3 — through the API

Using the API, you can get:

  • a list of all coupons.
  • a list of all coupons that are available for your ad space.
  • a list of categories of coupons.

For more information, see the "Coupons" API method.

How to export the list of coupons

  1. Go to the Coupons & Deals section.
  2. Use filters if you only need some particular coupons.
    Filter types
    Please note that coupons for the programs you haven't joined will not be included in the file.
  3. Click Export. Choose the file format.
  4. Download the file.

The export file contains the following coupon parameters:

Parameter Description


Coupon ID


Name of coupon


Direct link to the advertiser's website


Coupon rating


Program ID


Program name
logo Link to the file containing the program logo
description Coupon description (deal terms)
species Coupon format
  • action — deal
  • promocode — promo code
promocode Code word (applicable to promo codes only)
promolink Coupon link (clicking through it, the iframe coupon header will appear)
gotolink Coupon direct link (leads to the deal page)
date_start Coupon start date
date_end Coupon end date
types Coupon type. Can be represented in the following values:
  • 1: Free shipping
  • 2: Discount on an order
  • 3: Gift to an order


Whether a coupon is subject to an exclusive program
categories Coupon category
special_category Special coupon category
discount The size of the discount: a fixed amount or percentage of the order amount (Only the coupons of the discount for an order type have this parameter)


Will the system score the order, if the user applies a promo code but goes to the advertiser's via the link of some other publisher?

  • If you're using regular coupons and promo codes (the Coupons & Deals tool), the order will not be scored. Click through the affiliate link is mandatory.
  • If you're using the unique promo code (the Unique promo codes tool), the order will be scored.

Can I generate an affiliate link to the deal page by myself?

Yes, you can do it with the Deeplink Generator tool. However, make sure that it is not forbidden by the program rules. If in doubt, confirm the usage of links you generated yourself through a request to Admitad support. The fact is that some advertisers have different coupons for different marketing channels, and they prohibit using those that publishers could independently find online.

Another advantage of the existing coupon links is detailed analytics. If you use self-prepared links, all the clicks and actions made through them will be recorded in the single Default link section. Meanwhile, if you use the existing coupon links, you'll be able to check the breakdown by coupon and see which ones work better. To do so, go to the Reports on programs section and click on the program name.
Coupons and promo codes 6

Can I use coupons or promo codes from other sources than Admitad Partner Network in my add space?

No, you may not use coupons and/or promo codes that are not placed in Admitad Partner Network and intended for your ad space.

All actions made after following your affiliate links and using coupons or promo codes from third-party sources will be declined. Besides, the advertiser may disconnect you from the affiliate program for such behavior.

Admitad Partner Network strongly recommends that you only use coupons and promo codes intended for your ad space and available to you in the account (Tools → Coupons & Deals / Unique promo codes).

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