How to add an additional email address

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You may need an extra email in the following cases:

  • You work in a team and want every participant to receive notifications.
  • You want mail notifications to be sent to a special email address.
  • You want to link another email address to your account.


Adding an additional email

1. Go to Settings.

2. In User Details, find Email and click Edit.


3. Click Add an additional email address.

4. Type the email address and enter the password to it, then click Save.


5. A message with the activation link will be sent to the newly-added email address.
Follow it to confirm your email.

6. Confirm adding the additional email address.
For that, provide the following:

  • the text message code sent to the phone number specified in your account (if 2-factor authentication is not enabled)
  • Google Authenticator code (if 2-factor authentication is enabled)

Click Confirm.

7. Enter the account password and click Save.

Done! A new email address was added.

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Setting up email notifications

You can now set up mail notifications for each of your email addresses.

1. For that, in account settings, go to Email notifications. On the right side, select the email for which you want to set up notifications.

2. On the left side of the window, choose the notifications you want to be sent to this email.

3. Click Save changes.

Repeat for all other email addresses.


This is how you can set up personalized notifications for each team member or assign a specific address for a specific type of notifications.

Changing the primary email address

You can set the new address as your primary address.

For that, in email settings, select the newly-added address as primary by clicking the respective button.

Then enter your password and click Save.


If you need to remove your old email address, click Remove next to the email address, then enter your password again, and save changes.

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