How to add “Bank card (self-employed)” as a method for withdrawing funds in Admitad Earnings Wallet

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  • To use this payment method, you have to

  • You can only withdraw funds in rubles.
  • Withdrawals are subject to a 1.5% bank commission.
  • Each time you withdraw funds, you must withdraw at least 1000 rubles.
    The maximum amount for a single withdrawal request is  500,000 rubles. 

You cannot use this payment method to withdraw more than 2.4 m rubles per year. Once you reach this limit, you will not be able to withdraw funds using this method, and any further payment requests will be rejected.

  • Express payments are made every day, free of charge.
    Standard payments are made once a week, on Thursdays.

How to add “Bank card (self-employed)” as a withdrawal method

Follow these steps:

If you already have tax information that is suitable for this withdrawal method, you can go straight to adding payment information.

When you create your first payment request, you need to connect the partner QIWI Bank – instructions.

How to set up two-factor authentication for Admitad Earnings Wallet

1.  Click Enable 2-Step Verification in your Admitad Earnings Wallet account.

2. You will be taken to the two-factor authentication setup page.

3. Use these instructions to set things up.

How to add tax information for Bank Card (self-employed)

The process consists of the following stages:

How to add tax information

1.  Go to Tax Information and click Add tax information.

2.  Fill out the following fields in the tax information form.

  • Name – Give a name to identify the tax details, it can be any name. 
  • Subject of law – choose Individual person
  • Country – Select Russia
  • City, address, ZIP code – enter your residential address or registered address. 
  • Entity – select Individual
  • First name, Last name – enter your first name and last name. They must match the one you entered when registering in your taxpayer account (on the website or in the app).
  • Tax number – enter your taxpayer identification number. It must match the tax number in your taxpayer account.

3.  Once you've filled out all the required fields, click Add tax information.

Done! You've added your tax details.

These details will now:

You can find the tax details you added in the Tax information section. How to manage (edit, delete, etc.) tax details

How Admitad Earnings Wallet verifies your tax details

After adding your tax details, they'll undergo verification by Admitad Earnings Wallet.

During verification, your tax details will have the Verifying status.

Verification time: no more than 1-2 business days.

Existing tax details will also undergo verification if you make any changes to them.

  • If your information is successfully verified, your tax details be marked as Confirmed. After that, you can move on to adding payment details.

  • If your information cannot be verified, your tax details will be given the Editing required status. In this case:
    • Edit your tax details and confirm the changes with your two-factor authentication code.
    • After that, your tax details will be resubmitted for verification.

How to add payment details in Admitad Earnings Wallet

If you haven't set up two-factor authentication yet, follow this guide.

1. Go to Billing details and click Add billing details.

2. On the page that opens, choose the tax information that you added for Bank card (self-employed).
Then click Next.

3.  On the New billing method page, fill out the following fields:

  • Name – give your withdrawal method any name for identification purposes.

  • Payment method - choose Bank card (self-employed).

  • Account currency — choose RUB.
  • Card number – enter your card number. It must be issued in Russia.

  • I agree to the terms of the offer – check the box to indicate that you accept the offer.

  • Comment – optional. Give additional information about this withdrawal method (e.g., payment purpose or other details).

Then click Add billing details.

4. In the window that opens, enter your two-step authentication code to confirm your payment details.

Done! You've added and verified your payment details.

If the tax details you selected when adding your payment details:

  • have already been verified by Admitad Earnings Wallet, the payment details will be marked as Active, meaning you can use this method to withdraw funds from Admitad Earnings Wallet (see the withdrawal guide).

  • haven't yet been verified by Admitad Earnings Wallet, then the payment details will have the Tax Information verifying status, until Admitad Earnings Wallet finishes verification.

The payment information will also be accessible under Billing details.

How to manage payment information (view, delete, etc.)

How to withdraw funds using “Bank card (self-employed)” as your withdrawal method.

1. Under My accounts, choose your RUB wallet.

2.  Click Withdraw funds on the page of your chosen wallet.

3. Choose Bank card (self-employed) as your withdrawal method and click Next in the bottom-right corner.

4.  On the next page:

  • choose how you want to withdraw your funds under Withdrawal type (1):

    • All funds – if you want to withdraw all the funds available in your wallet.

    • Amount for selected period – if you want to withdraw only part of the amount. In this case, you need to enter the required dates in the Specify period field to choose the amount you need.
  • choose how you'd like the money to be paid out under Express payment:

    • check the box to request an express payment.
      Express payments are carried out within 24 hours.

    • leave the box unchecked to order a standard payout.
      Standard payouts are carried out once a week, on Thursdays. However, only requests made during the previous week will be paid.


5. Click Withdraw funds.

Done! You've created a withdrawal request in Admitad Earnings Wallet.

On the next page, you'll see detailed information about your request.

If this is the first time requesting a payout using this method, you'll need to connect the partner QIWI Bank in the My taxes app or in your taxpayer account on the day of payment. Instructions

After that, you can do the following in Admitad Earnings Wallet:

  • go to the history of operations for this wallet by clicking Go to history
  • create a new request to withdraw money by clicking Request new payment
  • or return to the main page by clicking Back to My accounts.

Connecting the partner at the first payment request

When you use Bank card (self-employed) as a payment method, you need to pass payment information to the Federal Tax Service.

To do this, you need to connect the partner QIWI Bank once.
Later on, every time you request a payment, information will be submitted to the tax authorities automatically.

When you need to connect the partner

You have to connect the partner on the payment date, i.e.:

A connection request from the partner will appear in My taxes and on the Federal Tax Service's website with a delay. Therefore, we recommend you connect the partner after 5 PM (Moscow Standard Time).

A partner connection request is valid only until 11:30 PM on the day it appeared in the My taxes app or on the website of the Federal Tax Service.

If you aren't able to connect the partner before this moment, the payment amount will return to your Admitad Affiliate balance, and the request will be rejected. What to do in this case

Partner connection methods

You can connect the partner

How to connect the partner in the My taxes app

1. After creating a withdrawal request, open the My taxes app and go to the Other section (1) at the bottom of the screen.

After that, go to Partners (2) and find QIWI Bank on the list (3).


2. Click Connection request next to QIWI Bank (4).
Then click Allow (5) to connect the partner.


Done! The partner is connected.

From now on, all payment information will be passed to the Federal Tax Service automatically.

How to connect the partner on the Federal Tax Service website

1. After creating a withdrawal request, go to the the Federal Tax Service website and log in to your taxpayer account.

2. Go to Messages.

2. Find the following request in the notifications: "QIWI Bank requests permission to perform certain actions on your behalf."
Click the three-dot icon, then Allow.


Done! The partner is connected.

From now on, all payment information will be passed to the Federal Tax Service automatically.

What to do if you didn't manage to connect the partner by the end of the day

If, after the connection request appeared, you didn't manage to connect the partner before the end of the day (11:30 PM), the payout request will be declined.

The funds you ordered will return to your Admitad Affiliate balance.

In this case, click Bank card (self-employed) again (guide), but this time try to connect the partner  on time, using one of the described methods.

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