How to choose an affiliate program?

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The next step after adding an ad space is joining an affiliate program. Without this, you will not get access to the affiliate link of the program.
You can select a program in All Programs. When choosing, we recommend paying attention to the factors below.

Topic, category of the program

If you have an ad space of a certain topic, the topic of the program should match it, or, at least, coincide with it.


if you have an Instagram blog about healthy diet and weight loss, it is better to join programs like «iHerb» than «Vikings: War of Clans», as your subscribers are more likely to get interested in vitamins and organic products, than in MMO games.

If your ad space has an unspecified topic or no topic at all (for example, you place search ads in Google), choose the topic you understand.
If you cannot make a decision, select one of the following topics: baby products, apparel, electronics, food delivery. They are always popular among users.

Allowed traffic sources and program rules

Before joining a program, check whether your traffic source is allowed. If you place search ads in Google, and the program prohibits contextual advertising, you will not be able to join it: the program manager will reject your application. If you start to use a prohibited traffic source after joining the program, the advertiser has the right to decline all your actions. In case of large-scale violations, your account may be banned.

The same applies to the nuances of working with the program that are listed in the program rules, so it is better to make everything clear at the stage of choosing a program.

To read about allowed traffic types and program rules, click on the Program rules field in the menu on the program page.

How to choose an affiliate program? 1

Program website and an advertiser's product

Before getting started with the program, look at the program through a user's eyes. Visit the website, examine the product range, test the product, if possible. If the website does not seem user-friendly, and product quality is questionable, most likely, other visitors will think the same.

Brand awareness

That is simple: if the brand is famous, it is easier to advertise.

Program rating

It reflects program reliability and reputation. The rating is based on several parameters, including conversion rate, approval rate, actions processing time, and some others. The maximum rating is 5.

How to choose an affiliate program? 2


Rates show how much and for what actions the advertiser is ready to pay publishers.
If you're just starting to work with affiliate programs, choose programs that pay for leads: registrations, filling applications, etc. As a rule, it is easier to make a user fill a form than make a purchase, as in the first case they do not have to spend money.
Do not seek high rewards, if the other parameters are not in favor of the program: topic does not suit your ad space, CR and percentage of confirmed orders (see the next paragraph) are low, the action is difficult to achieve. The result may not cost spent time and effort.

Approval rate

The approval rate is the ratio of approved actions to the total number of actions.

Choose programs with a high approval rate. If the approval rate is low, it means that the advertiser for some reason rejects most actions.

The confirmation rate depends on the category the program relates to. For example, for online stores, the average approval rate is around 70%.

It is important to correlate the reward amount to the approval rate. For example, financial programs offer high rewards, but they are difficult to get, as their approval rate is usually quite low.


CR, also Conversion Rate.
Here is shown the average value of the program. You can use it to get an idea of how easy it is to make the users who already clicked the affiliate link complete actions.

The longer the cookie lifetime is, the more time users have for making actions, and the higher is the chance that they will finally make them, and you will receive your reward.

Program regions

The regions the program works with are listed on the program page:

How to choose an affiliate program? 3

Pay attention to program regions, especially in case the program works with only two or three countries, or if your ad space is focused on users from a particular region. Actions from the countries not specified in the program terms will be rejected, so you may lose some actions.

Some programs pay for traffic not from regions, but only from certain cities. That is usually specified in the program description (not in the Regions block).

After you make a decision on what program you want to join, send an application to the advertiser. When the application is approved, you will get access to creatives and will be able to start working with the program.

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