When will I get my reward?

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After the user makes an action, it gets into reports with the On hold status.

When will I get my reward? 1

At the same time, your reward for this action with the Today's estimated earnings status will appear in the Balance details section on the dashboard, and it will gain the On hold status the next day. Both statuses mean that the action has been performed by the user, tracked by the system, but the advertiser has not processed it yet.

When will I get my reward? 2

Verification is mandatory for all actions. In course of verification, the advertiser checks whether the action has been really completed and whether it meets the rules of the program. If the rules are met, and there are no violations, the advertiser should confirm the action and accrue the reward to the publisher. In this case, after reports are updated, the action status will be changed to Confirmed and the funds will become available for withdrawal in a couple of days.

When will I get my reward? 3

However if the advertiser finds out that the publisher has violated the rules, for example, used a prohibited traffic source, the action will be declined. The same will happen if the action does not meet the rate terms. For example, an advertiser pays reward for paid orders; and the buyer placed an order, but did not pay for it. In this case, the status of the action will change to Declined, the reward will be canceled and will disappear from the Balance details block.

Verification takes time. It may vary, depending on the advertiser and the program. Approximate time is specified in the Average hold time field on the program page.

When will I get my reward? 4

When the amount in the Confirmed column exceeds the minimum limit, you can withdraw it from the system.
The minimum amount that may be withdrawn is 20 US dollars. The limits for other currencies are available here.

There are five ways to withdraw the money:

  • To a bank account (only for publishers with AD1-AD3 account levels)
  • To a PayPal account;
  • To a WebMoney purse (WM purse);
  • To a bank card (available for publishers from Russia and Ukraine);
  • To a Payoneer account.

The payment is conducted within 4-11 days depending on the request creation date.

More information about payment methods is available here.

To withdraw the money, you should add at least one payment method, and after that you will be able to apply for a withdrawal. The payment is processed from 3 to 7 days, depending on the day the application was created.

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