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You will receive notifications from Admitad Affiliate in your account to be aware of important updates and changes—including new tools and services, recently added payment systems, special terms from advertisers, technical issues, etc.

How to see new notifications

You can learn about new notifications from the notification icon in the upper-right corner of your account:

Publisher notifications 1

If you have unread notifications, their number will be shown in the icon: Publisher notifications 2

When hovering over the notification icon, you will see a dropdown list of the five latest notifications.
To go to the notification center, click the notification icon or All notifications in the dropdown list.

Publisher notifications 3


Once you receive the first notification, you will see it in this list. If you have no notifications, you will see the “You have no notifications” message instead of the notification list.

The section consists of the following units:

Notification cards

A notification card consists of the title (1), message text (2), and notification category (3), Read more button, and Mark as read button.
Click Read more to read the full notification text.


After you click Read more or Mark as read, the notification will be Read.


Search bar and Mark all as read button

Using the search bar (1), you can find notifications by title text.

Using the Mark all as read button (2), you can mark all recent notifications as Read. For that, click the button and confirm the action in the pop-up.


Quick filters by notification status

Quick filters are located above the notification list.
Using them, you can find notifications by status: New, Read, or All.
By default, All is selected in the filter.


Notification categories

The notification category unit is located on the left side. The number of unread notifications in each category is indicated in parentheses.

If you need to see notifications of a certain category, click on its name.

  • All categories: notifications of all categories. This option is selected by default.
  • Finance: finance-related notifications (payment procedure changes, rate changed, connection or disconnection of payment systems, etc.).
  • System: technical notifications (new tools, disablement of existing tools, faults and updates, etc.).
  • Promotions: notifications about special affiliate program terms, marathons, deals, or major sales.
  • Traffic quality: notifications about violating affiliate program or Admitad Affiliate rules regarding traffic processing: using an inadmissible domain name, brand bidding with this kind of traffic prohibited, etc.
  • Other: all other types of notifications.


Filter by notification date

To find notifications that were sent within a certain period, click By date, select dates in the calendar, and click Apply.
Click Reset to reset filter settings.


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