I have created a ticket, what's next? When will I get an answer?

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All tickets are processed in priority order, from old to new ones. In most cases, the support managers process it within 24 hours after the ticket is created.

If the problem or the question in the ticket is not described clearly, a support manager will ask questions to clarify the situation. Try to answer them in as much detail as possible, otherwise, the manager will not be able to help.

In some cases, a support manager needs to request information from employees of other departments, which may take some time. In this case, a support manager will inform you and change the ticket status to Processing.

After an Admitad Affiliate employee replies to the ticket, its status will be changed to Waiting, and you will see a new message notification:

I have created a ticket, what's next? 1

If an employee has answered your question, close the ticket: tick the ticket and in the Apply to selected list choose Close tickets.

I have created a ticket, what's next? 2

If an employee has asked you a question, or if you still have questions on the issue, go to the ticket page and leave a message in the Your answer field.

I have created a ticket, what's next? 3

The ticket will be open until you close it by yourself or it is closed automatically by the system (this happens if the ticket has not been updated for more than 7 days).

If you have other questions that are not related to the discussed problem, do not ask them in the current ticket, but create a new one. Stick to the “one problem — one ticket” principle. This way your problem will be solved faster, and it will be easier for you to find the ticket, if necessary.

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