How to add affiliate program rules

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Program rules are the terms, restrictions, and requirements publishers must follow after joining your program.

For instance, you can list the forbidden traffic types, negative keywords for contextual ads, banner requirements, etc.

The rules will be shown to publishers in the same-named section on your program's page in the Admitad Store catalog. Publishers also read and accept the rules when submitting a request for joining a program.

Programs rules help:

  • Manage publisher activity
  • Avoid situations when publishers do something inappropriate due to unawareness

If the publisher violates your program's rules during cooperation, you are entitled to sanction them by declining their target actions or even banning them from your program.

Drawing up program rules: tips and examples

When drawing up the rules, describe in detail all the restrictions, requirements, and specifics of handling your program.

For example, indicate the following:

  • Allowed and forbidden traffic types or platform requirements
  • Terms of using your brand's logo, ad creatives, or name
  • Email newsletter requirements and whether it's necessary to discuss layouts
  • Banner and visual requirements
  • Negative keywords (attach a file or list them in text)
    • It's forbidden to create copies of the advertiser's website and/or create an interface similar to the interface of the advertiser's website.

    • It's forbidden to create social media groups on behalf of the company.

    • Automatic redirections, pop-up windows, non-closing windows, or any other forms of intrusive advertising (including Pop-up, Click-under, Toolbar, etc.) are forbidden.

    • All queries containing the trademark and its forms (e.g., incorrect spellings, incorrect keyboard layouts, typos) are forbidden. If the violation is identified, the publisher will be banned from the program without further restoration of cooperation; all the publisher's earnings will be returned to the advertiser. The publisher will be banned after the first occurrence of the violation.

    • Orders (target actions) made with the use of corporate emails or corporate coupons are not paid.

    • It's allowed to only use Admitad's ad creatives. Any other creatives should be agreed on with the advertiser through requests to Admitad support. In the event of unauthorized publication of unofficial ad creatives, the advertiser can ban the publisher from the program.

    • It's forbidden to allow illegal bulk newsletters (email, messenger, link spamming, and all other forms) including the advertiser's website URL or name.

    • If you use this traffic type and want to continue cooperation, please send the layout and information about your base as a ticket for further cooperation. Any newsletters under this program should be approved by the advertiser. Otherwise, all your actions will be declined.

How to add affiliate program rules

Once you have prepared the rules, add them to your affiliate program.

The way you should do it depends on how the program is managed

  • Your program is managed by your personal manager. In this case, just send the rules to your manager. They will add or edit the rules in your program.
  • You manage the program on your own. In this case, you add the rules to your program by yourself. For that, go to menu → ProgramProgram settingsProgram rules. Add the rules to the same-named field and save the changes. How to change program rules

If publishers from other countries will join your program, be sure to translate your rules to their respective languages. How to do that

How to add translations of program rules

If you are ready to cooperate with publishers from other countries, add program rules not only in local languages (e.g., German, Polish, etc.) but also in English or other languages that publishers will understand.

This will help attract more publishers.

  • If you manage a program through the manager account, just ask them to add translations to other languages. 

  • If you manage the program on your own, follow the guide below.

Here's what you need to do to add program rules in a new language:

1. In the Program info in other languages section, click Add translation
(menu → ProgramProgram settings → Program rules → Program info in other languages).

When adding a translation of the rules, it's also recommended to add a translation of the name, description, and short description of the program. Learn more about filling out these fields

2. In the form that opens, fill out the following fields:

  • Select language. Select the language in which you want to add a translation of the rules and other information.

  • Name. Specify the program name. It usually matches your website's name or brand name and specified in Latin letters.
  • Description and short description. Add program information in the selected language. Here you can use the translation of the descriptions you added in Program info.

  • Program rules. Fill out the program rules in the selected language.

3. Click Save changes.

Done! The program rules in the new language will appear in the Program info in other languages section.

How to change affiliate program rules

If you plan to change program rules, be sure to notify the publishers beforehand.

Type of change

Notice time

Tougher rules

5 days before the effective date of the new rules

Softer rules

1 day before the effective date of the new rules


  • If you manage the program through the manager account, be sure to notify them of the change beforehand. The manager will send a newsletter to publishers and then will change the rules.

  • If you manage the program on your own and the program is already launched, contact Admitad support and describe the change to the program. A support agent will notify the publishers of the upcoming change and then edit the program rules per your request.

If the program is not launched yet, you can change the rules on your own.

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