How Admitad works

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Admitad Affiliate is an affiliate network, i.e. an intermediary between the advertisers (companies that want to place their advertisements on the Internet) and the publishers (owners of websites, blogs, specialists in contextual advertising, etc. who are ready to place advertisements on their ad spaces and attract visitors to the advertisers’ websites).

To interact with publishers, the advertisers launch affiliate programs. When launching, they determine the terms of the program and configure the integration of their websites with the Admitad Affiliate system. If a program has been launched successfully, it appears in the All Programs catalog where the publishers look for programs to join. When publishers find programs that suit their ad spaces, they apply for cooperation. The applications are displayed in the advertiser account where an advertiser decides whether to approve or decline them.

If the applications are approved, the publishers join the program. They get access to the affiliate links and ad creatives of the program (coupons, banners, landing pages), place them on their ad spaces, and stimulate users to click on them and go to the advertiser’s website.

At the time of the click, a cookie with a unique identifier “admitad_uid” is added to a user’s browser. When users perform actions (make purchases, request loans, subscribe for e-mail newsletters, etc.), data about them is sent from the advertiser’s website to the Admitad Affiliate database and is recorded in the statistics. Using admitad_uid the system recognizes to which of the publishers the action must be assigned.

If an action gets to the statistics, it does not necessarily mean that the publisher will get reward for it, as the user could return the order or the publisher could violate the rules. That is why all actions first get the "On hold" status and retain it until the advertiser considers them. Once or twice per month, the advertiser compares data on actions from the Admitad Affiliate statistics with the data in their system. This process is called verification. If everything is correct, the advertiser must confirm actions and pay reward to the publisher. Otherwise, the advertiser has the right to decline actions.

Besides moderation and verification, the advertiser engages new publishers and develops the cooperation with already joined partners. Admitad Affiliate provides a lot of options for that: the advertisers can upload banners and coupons, including exclusive ones for VIP partners, add channels with special rates, create bonus programs, or organize contests and deals.

During the whole functioning of the affiliate program, the advertiser is assisted by an Admitad Affiliate account manager who consults the advertiser on setting, launching, and functioning of the program, offers ways to develop it. Besides, the account manager manages the advertiser account: uploads banners, adds coupons and promo codes, moderates publishers, manages groups and channels, performs verifications, and adds bonuses for publishers.

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