Adding a program description

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The information is specified in the Program review section (Program → Program settings → Program review). Once added, the details will be shown in the Admitad Store catalog and on the program page.

How you use this section depends on how your program is managed:

  • Your program is managed by your personal manager
    In this case, you need to contact your manager to add or edit the details.

  • You manage your program on your own
    You add or edit the details by yourself.

Below you'll find the description and tips for filling out all the fields in this section.


Your program's name is everywhere: Admitad Store, reports, exports, etc.

Usually, the program's name is written in English and matches the name of your website. One can also add a suffix that will indicate the regions in which the program is active or the pricing model—so it's easier for publishers to pick a relevant program.

Example 1. Rentalcars WW
  • WW stands for "Worldwide" and means that the program is active in all countries and regions.


Example 2. Banggood [CPI, Android] RU
  • CPI — Cost Per Install;
    (other possible abbreviations: CPS — Cost Per Sale, CPL — Cost Per Lead)
  • Android — Android app.
  • RU — the program is only active in Russia.


Example 3. Star Stable [SOI] DE AT CH
  • SOI (Single Opt-In) means that publishers get rewarded for registration that doesn't need to be confirmed via email, phone, or otherwise.
  • DE, AT, CH are the regions where the program is active (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).


The link to your website's main page. A direct, non-affiliate link with no tags. Publishers will use this link to explore your website.

Possible spellings of a program name

Specify all the possible spellings of your name (including transliteration and wrong spellings with the most common typos). You do this to help a publisher find your program in Admitad Store even if they have typed the program name wrong.

Add your program logo as an SVG file.

To launch a program, you need to have a vector logo (eps, ai, cdr).

Upload it to the Program documents section (Program → Program settings → Program documents).



Displayed on the program page, this description is one of the factors shaping a publisher's decision on whether to join your program. It's important that you compose a catchy description of your store or service that will arouse interest and encourage publishers to join.


Program description requirements

General requirements:

  • Company overview.
    Specify the industry and regions of operation. No more than 3-4 lines.
  • Benefits for consumers.
    Specify your company's advantages that differ you from the competitors (e.g., 24/7 free delivery or exclusive brands).
  • Important information for publishers.
    Traffic sources with the highest CR, target audience, etc.
  • Negative keywords (if any).
  • Top products (if any).
  • GEO. Regions and cities from which publishers need to drive traffic to get paid.

Additional requirements:

  • Online games
    • KPIs used to evaluate the traffic
    • Test limits
    • A link to the ad creatives storage and rules for using them.
  • Mobile programs
    • KPIs used to evaluate the traffic.
  • Financial programs

    • Scan copy of the bank license.

Tips on creating a description

  • Only specify useful information. Avoid abstractions.

  • Make sure your description is always up-to-date.
    If you want to add something to your description:
    • Update the description on your own (if you have such rights).
    • Ask your manager to make the changes to the program, so it's not misleading.
  • The program description must be text, not graphic. Editing images takes too much time, and search engines don't index images.

Brief description

A short program description (1-2 lines). It's used in the general newsletter about new programs sent to publishers.


If a program implies cooperating with international publishers, add a description in English alongside the description in the local language. The international description will be visible to the publishers whose account language differs from the language of the local description.


Contact information

Specify your contact info (name, phone, email, Skype), so Admitad Affiliate specialists can contact you.

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