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The program description, as well as its name and logo, are added by your account manager on the Program review page.


Data from this section is used in the All Programs catalog and on the page of an affiliate program.


The name of your program which will be displayed everywhere: in All Programs, reports, exported files, etc.

Normally, the name of the program is written in English and matches the name of your website. It is also possible to add a suffix to the name that would indicate the regions in which your program is active or your pricing model: that will make it easier for publishers to select a program suitable for their ad space.

Example 1 — Rentalcars WW

  • WW stands for "Worldwide" and means that the program is active in all countries and regions.

Example 2 — Banggood [CPI, Android] RU

  • CPI — Cost per Install: publishers get rewarded each time their user installs the app
    (other possible abbreviations: CPS—Cost per Sale, CPL—Cost per Lead).
  • Android — it's an Android app.
  • RU — the program only functions in Russia.

Example 3 — Star Stable [SOI] DE AT CH

  • SOI — Single Opt-In; publishers get rewarded for each registered user, and the registration doesn't need to be confirmed via email, phone, or any other method.
  • DE AT CH — the regions in which the program is active: Germany, Austria, Switzerland.

Link to the main page of your website. It is a direct (non-affiliate) link that can be used by publishers to take a look at your website.

Possible spellings of a program name

Here, the account manager specifies all possible ways to spell the name of your affiliate program, including all the most popular typos and transliteration. This is done to help publishers find your program in All programs even if they entered an incorrect name in the search bar.

Provide the account manager with your company logo. Requirements for a company logo: .jpg, 143x59 pixels.

Besides, to launch the program, it is necessary to have the logo in vector format (.eps, .ai, .cdr). It is uploaded in Program documents (Program → Program settings → Program documents).



This description is displayed on the program page. It is one of the criteria that the publisher evaluates when deciding whether to join the program. For this reason, it is important to create a catching description of your store or service that will spark interest in publishers and encourage them to opt in.


Requirements for program description

General requirements:

  • Company overview.
    Write a few words about what your company does and what regions you operate in. It shouldn't be longer than 3-4 lines.
  • Benefits for consumers.
    List the advantages of your company that make it stand out from its competitors, such as free delivery around the clock or the brands that cooperate with you exclusively.
  • Useful information for publishers.
    Describe traffic sources with the highest CR, your target audience, etc.
  • Negative keywords if applicable.
  • Hot products if applicable.
  • GEO — regions and cities from which publishers need to attract traffic to be paid for it.

Additional requirements:

  • Online games
    • KPIs used to evaluate the traffic.
    • Test limits.
    • A link to the storage which contains your creatives, and the rules on how to use them.
  • Mobile programs
    • KPIs used to evaluate the traffic.
  • Financial programs

    • Scan of your bank license.

Tips on creating a description

  • Provide publishers only with the information they will need for their work, avoid extensive descriptions.
  • The description must always be up-to-date: if you have changed rules or terms of the bonus program, remember to timely inform the manager about these changes for them to introduce changes in the program description and not to misinform publishers.
  • For the program description, choose the text form over the image. Images take too much time to edit, and they are not indexed by search engines.

Brief description

Keep the brief description of the program in one or two lines. It is emailed to publishers in the general newsletter about the new programs.


If your program implies cooperation with international publishers, in addition to the description in the local language (Russian, Turkish, etc.) please provide the description in English. It will be visible to publishers whose account language differs from the language of the local description.


Contact information

Provide your contact information so that Admitad Affiliate employees could quickly contact you when needed. The contact data is not available to publishers.


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