General program settings

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General settings define the principles of operation of your affiliate program in the Admitad Affiliate system.

All settings are set by your account manager.


General settings



This is the currency in which payments to the program affiliates are made. It corresponds to the currency of mutual payments with Admitad Affiliate specified in your agreement.

Product feeds

If you have an online store, we recommend you add a product feed. If added, this field will contain a link to it.

A product feed or an XML feed is an XML product catalog that contains information about the products of your website. It is used by publishers when developing price comparison websites, affiliate online stores, and email newsletters with the description of products.

The feed is uploaded by a specialist of the tracking department. You need to generate an XML file and provide our specialist with a link to it.


Deeplink is a tool for publishers that allows them to create affiliate links that lead to any pages of an advertiser’s website instead of using standard links of the program. Deeplink reduces the number of actions in the “click - purchase” chain as it leads users straight to the page of the product they need so that they do not have to waste their time surfing the website (and this is where a large part of visitors is lost).

The tool is used mainly by programs of such categories as "Online shops", "Online services" and "Travel and tourism".

Cookie lifetime

This is the term during which the cookie that was obtained by a user’s browser and linked the user with a certain publisher will be stored on the user’s device. If during the cookie lifetime the user performs an action on the advertiser's website, it will be assigned to this publisher, even if the user closed the browser or turned off the device.

The subsequent actions performed by the user during the cookie lifetime will also be assigned to the publisher unless otherwise agreed in the terms and conditions of the affiliate program.

At the moment the cookie lifetime expires, cookies are automatically deleted by the browser, and after that, the user’s actions will not be bound to the publisher unless the user follows the affiliate link again.

The standard cookie lifetime in Admitad Affiliate is 45 days, but it can be extended up to 365 days. The longer the cookie lifetime is, the better it is for your publishers.

The cookie lifetime is filled by the account manager after discussing it with you.

Recruiting new publishers

If you have a limited budget for a specific number of publishers and this number is approaching the limit, you can pause recruiting new publishers. To do this, inform your account manager about your decision and they will tick the option Pause.

After ticking, publishers will still be able to send a request for joining the program but they will see a notice:

Attention! Recruiting new publishers for this affiliate program is temporarily suspended. You can leave your request and the advertiser will consider it after recruitment is resumed.

You will not receive these requests until the box is unticked.

You can cease recruiting for an unlimited period of time.

Ban coupon traffic via iframe

Admitad Affiliate provides publishers with 2 variants of a coupon link. In the first case the link just leads to a deal page:


In the second case, a header of a coupon or a promo code in iframe will be displayed at the top of the page.


If your website does not support iframe, prohibit this type of coupon traffic. To do this, ask your account manager to tick Ban coupon traffic via iframe.

In this case, publishers will see only the links described in the first case. All links with iframe that are already used on publishers’ ad spaces will be also replaced.

If your website does not support iframe but you do not forbid this traffic type, publishers will attract traffic using links with iframe, and users will perform actions, but they will not be tracked by the system.

Tracking and transition settings


When preparing the program for a launch, you should choose from which sources you want to track actions.

Admitad Affiliate supports tracking from:

  • Browser (both desktop and mobile).
  • Mobile application — installs and various events in the application such as achieving a level in a game, registration, etc. Tracking is performed by mobile trackers, such as AppsFlyer, Adjust, and is relevant for mobile programs.
  • Browser and mobile application – the most perfect type of tracking, is relevant for the majority of advertisers who have mobile applications in addition to the website.

Inform the Admitad Affiliate tracking department about your decision and its specialists will specify the relevant settings.

Tracking link for the website is a link to your website that includes GET parameters that Admitad Affiliate needs and your UTM parameters. The link is composed by your account manager.


where the first part of the link (up to the question mark "?") is a default page users will go to, and the second part of the link is a list of GET parameters and UTM parameters. One of the parameters must pass the admitad_uid value which is a unique identifier of a user. It allows the system to detect which publisher to assign the action to. All other parameters are optional and added at your wish.

Automatic adding to groups and channels

If you have groups or channels and you do not want to allocate publishers to them manually, ask your account manager to set up automatic adding.


Automatic confirmation of requests for cooperation

In this block, you can set automatic confirmation of requests for cooperation from ad spaces with certain traffic sources and account levels, which will considerably simplify and accelerate the moderation of publishers. To be confirmed, the ad space must comply with both criteria: to belong to the selected category and to have the specified account level.

For example, in the screen below we ticked the "Website" category and the "AD1, AD2, AD3" level of confidence.

It means that only requests from websites that have AD1, AD2, and AD3 will be confirmed. The requests that do not comply with the selected criteria will be pending until you process them manually.


Program regions

The block Program regions specifies the regions of your activity: countries where you have shops, offices, delivery — and from what regions publishers can attract traffic to your program. Regions are displayed on the program page in the Regions section, they help publishers to understand whether their ad spaces suit your program.


Program categories

The Program categories block shows categories that correspond to the area of your activity. Your program will be displayed under these categories in All Programs.


Internal program categories

Here the account manager chooses the category that suits best the area of your activity. It is needed for Admitad Affiliate internal reports.


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