Program balance

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The program balance is calculated by the following formula: the account balance minus the sum of confirmed and on hold actions. The balance is displayed in the right corner of the page header.


Note that as soon as the program balance becomes negative, the publisher rewards will be frozen so they will not be able to withdraw them until you pay the invoice and replenish your balance. In the publisher account, these funds are specified as Delayed. It usually causes great discontent among publishers, that is why it is very important to replenish the balance on time.


Balance replenishment

To replenish the program balance, you should pay the invoice provided by the Admitad Affilite account manager. As soon as the payment is received and processed, you will see it in History of balance replenishments (Payments History of balance replenishments). For each payment, the payment date, status, amount, and method are specified. After that, the program balance will be changed.


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