Where to find the Brand Rules on ConvertSocial

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The Brand Rules will help you understand:

  • Where you can’t publish ads and which formats you can’t use
  • For which orders and from which countries the brand pays rewards

Here’s how to find the Brand Rules:

1. Find the brand you’re looking for in the Brands section.

2. Click Get link in the brand card.

3. Click Brand rules in the Brand profile section.



4. You’ll see the Brand rules page with two tabs: Allowed countries and Restricted advertising methods.

  • Brands pay rewards for orders that come from Allowed countries. If an order is made from a country that’s not on the list, the order will be declined, and the reward will not be paid.

  • Restricted advertising methods are the types of platforms and formats you can’t use to publish ads.

If you violate the Brand Rules, cooperation with your social media may be suspended. What to do if that happens

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