How to withdraw funds from Admitad Partner Network

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To withdraw your earnings from Admitad Partner Network, transfer your funds to Admitad Earning Wallet. This is a payout service for Admitad partners.

After transferring your funds to Admitad Earnings Wallet, you can create a payout request and withdraw money by following these instructions.

How to transfer funds from Admitad Partner Network to Admitad Earnings Wallet

1. Go to the Withdraw money section in your Admitad Partner Network Account.

2. In the Earnings field, choose the currency of the funds you want to transfer to Admitad Earnings Wallet.

The minimum amount you can transfer to Admitad Earnings Wallet depends on the currency of the earnings in question. If you try to transfer less than the minimum, you'll see a hint in the interface telling you the minimum amount you can transfer. Learn more

3. You'll see Admitad Earnings automatically appear in the Payment details field.

Click Transfer funds.

Done. You've created a request to transfer funds via Admitad Earnings Wallet.


  • the money will appear in Admitad Earnings Wallet within an hour, and you'll be able to withdraw funds from there to your payment information by following these instructions
  • you'll see information about the transfer of funds to Admitad Earnings under Payments history
  • Currency Currency code Min amount
    US Dollar USD 20 USD
    Euro EUR 20 EUR
    Russian Ruble RUB 1000 RUB
    British Pound GBP 50 GBP
    Chinese Yuan CNY 35 CNY
    Turkish Lira TRY 800 TRY
    Indian Rupee INR 1000 INR
    Ukraine Hryvnia UAH 400 UAH
    Belarusian Ruble BYN 50 BYN
    Polish Złoty PLN 100 PLN
    Israeli Shekel ILS 25 ILS
    Kazakhstani Tenge KZT 5000 KZT
    UAE Dirham AED 35 AED
    Brazilian Real BRL 32 BRL

Instructions for working with Admitad Earnings Wallet

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