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Admitad Teleport is a tool for Admitad Affiliate publishers who own a website or a browser extension. When Teleport is enabled, users will get to the advertiser website directly through your link: with no redirection to the affiliate network's website. Down the road, more target actions will be tracked and captured. The tool can be accessed in the upper menu of the personal account in the Tools section.

Who can benefit from Admitad Teleport

Currently, Admitad Teleport is only available to publishers owning these types of ad spaces:

  • Website: a cashback service, forum, personal blog, review/testimonial website, news or media portal, coupon service, affiliate store, loyalty program.
  • Browser or browser extension.

If you own an ad space of any other type but you can modify its code, please contact tech support or your manager to learn whether you are eligible for using the tool.

Admitad Teleport benefits

Admitad Teleport eliminates redirections to the affiliate network's website and accidental blocks

Usually, when a user clicks on an affiliate link in your ad space, the user travels across a few redirections: link → Admitad Affiliate website → advertiser website.

Since the browser performs a redirection to the Admitad Affiliate website in the background, the user cannot notice it; but this is when the link obtains special tags that allow tracking target action data.
In some cases, these data may be lost: for instance, when the browser/ad blocker/antivirus program blocks a redirection.

As a result, part of the redirections and target actions go under the radar and the conversion rate declines.

When you enable Admitad Teleport, the user lands straight on the advertiser website—with no redirection to the affiliate network's website; concurrently, target actions are recorded in full. In the aftermath, you don't lose your income that ad blockers may take away from you when Admitad Teleport is disabled.


Helps boost conversions amidst GDPR, ePrivacy, and other personal data protection regulations

With GDPR and ePrivacy rules—and their analogs in other regions—having become law, the user has to give their consent to processing personal data on every website along the redirection trip: that is, both on your website and the Admitad Affiliate website.

This may lead to a situation where users do not agree to disclose any data.

And since Admitad Teleport excludes any redirections to the affiliate network's website, the user will only have to accept processing of personal data on your website.

This will hugely contribute to your conversions when the age of strict privacy comes.


Setup via script will assist in monetizing content

When configured via script, Admitad Teleport processes and converts all the links on your website, including direct, into affiliate links.

For instance, a user leaves a comment on your website, with a direct link to a store. If this store has an affiliate program in place that your website is connected to, the script will turn the link in the comment into an affiliate link.

Then, if any of the visitors click this link and perform a target action in that store, you will get paid for it.


How to set up

So far, there are two ways to set up Admitad Teleport:

Setup via API

This will do if you lead a user to the internal page from which they are redirected to the partner address

Ad Spaces

Cashback services, browsers, and browser extensions, dropshipping, some affiliate stores, coupon services, and loyalty programs.

Difficulty level

Normal. Works for those who have experience in using Admitad API or a dedicated technical specialist.

Setup guide

Setup via Script

This solution works if you manually add affiliate links to the website.

Ad Spaces

Blogs, forums, news and informational resources, some coupon services, affiliate stores, and loyalty programs.

Difficulty level

Low. Works for those who don't have a technical specialist in their team.

Setup guide

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