Payments history

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In Payments history, you can track the status of a current application for a withdrawal and see information on previous applications.

Payments history 1

ID — request ID.

Date — the day when the application was created.

Status — the status of the application.

  • On hold — the application is being processed. The expected payment date is specified in the Comment column.
  • Processed — the application has been processed, money has been transferred to your account/wallet.
  • Declined — the application has been declined due to the reason specified in the Comment column.
  • Draft — you created the application but have not confirmed it. To confirm, click on the status, check the correctness of the specified data, tick the box I confirm the correctness of the data and click Send the application. The status of the application should change to On hold.

Original amount — the amount a publisher requested to withdraw.

Transferred — the amount that was transferred to a publisher, the amount includes the transfer fee.

Payment method — a selected payment method: bank transfer, Payoneer, PayPal, or WebMoney (see more about payment methods in How to add a payment method?)

Invoice — link to invoice in PDF format. Attached for the bank, bank card, and PayPal payments.

Account statement — links to statements of payment operations in XLS (both brief and detailed) and PDF (brief) formats. Account statements are attached for all payments where possible.

Comment — any additional information.

If the application is confirmed and payment will be made via WebMoney, the expected payment date will be specified there.

If the application is declined, in a comment a manager will explain the reason for denial.

Payments history 2

To see not only the applications for withdrawal but the complete cash flow history, with dates and comments, in the upper right corner, click See more.

Replenishment of balance is possible only if the funds were withdrawn by mistake and then returned to your account.

Payments history 3

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