How to set up integration with Google Ads

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If you drive contextual traffic from Google Ads to the websites of Admitad Affiliate advertisers, you can integrate your Admitad Affiliate account with your Google Ads account, so that data on your conversions are automatically sent from Admitad Affiliate to Google Ads. When enough data is collected, you will be able to use Smart Bidding strategies (a set of automated Google Ads bid strategies) to optimize the conversion value.

For integration, you need to have an AdWords ad space, otherwise, the system will suggest that you add an ad space of this type.

Read more about adding ad spaces here.

How to set up integration with Google Ads 1

Tool setup

Step 1. Turn on auto-tagging

To import conversion data into Google Ads, you need first to turn on auto-tagging.
In this case, after someone clicks your ad, a parameter called gclid (short for "Google Click Identifier") is added to the affiliate link people click through. If the click is followed by a conversion, by gclid our tool determines that this conversion belongs to your Google Ads account. The maximum length of the gclid value is 100 characters.

1. To enable the feature, go to your Ads account to which the conversions must be imported.

2. In the left page menu, click Settings.

How to set up integration with Google Ads 2

3. Click Account settings along the top of the page.

How to set up integration with Google Ads 3

4. Click the Auto-tagging section and check the box next to “Tag the URL that people click through from my ad”.

How to set up integration with Google Ads 4

Now, if the GET-parameter gclid is added to your affiliate link, its value will be stored in the Admitad Affiliate statistics, in the SubID4 column.

If you already pass some data in the subid4 parameter, you need to remove it from this parameter to make room for gclid.

How to set up integration with Google Ads 5

When a conversion is created, it will automatically be sent to your Google Ads account.

Step 2. Create import conversion actions

To import conversions from the Admitad Affiliate system, you need to create a new conversion action.

1. Click the tool icon in the upper right corner of your account and under Measurement, click Conversions.

How to set up integration with Google Ads 6

2. Click the plus button to create a new conversion action.

How to set up integration with Google Ads 7

3. You'll now see options for the different kinds of conversion sources you can track. Click Import.

How to set up integration with Google Ads 8

4. Select Other data sources or CRMs, then select Track conversions from clicks.

How to set up integration with Google Ads 9

5. Fill the form.

  • Name — sale (in lower case)
  • Category — Other
  • Value — "Use different values for each conversion". Default value: 0. The conversion currency must match the currency of your Google Ads account; otherwise, when exporting, the value of the conversion (in any currency) will be multiplied by the exchange rate in relation to the account currency.

    The conversion currency is the US dollar and the account currency is hryvnia. Then the conversion with a value of 1 RUB will get to the Google Ads account with a value of 28 UAH: $1 = 28 UAH.
  • Count — Every
  • Attribution model — Last click

Do not change the other fields.

How to set up integration with Google Ads 10

6. Click Create and continue.

Step 3. Adjust the tool in your Admitad Affiliate account

After you prepare your Google Ads account for importing conversions, the final step you need to make is to adjust the tool in your Admitad Affiliate account.

1. Go to Tools Integration with Google Ads.

2. Click Adjust the tool.

If instead of the Adjust the tool button you see Create an ad space, it means that you do not have a Google AdWords ad space, and you need to add one. Read more here about adding ad spaces.

How to set up integration with Google Ads 11

3. In the pop-up window, select the Google Ads account for which you want to set up conversion import.

How to set up integration with Google Ads 12

4. Allow access to the Admitad Affiliate app.

How to set up integration with Google Ads 13

5. You will be redirected to the settings page.
Paste your Customer ID in the client_customer_id field.
You can find it in the upper right corner of your Google Ads account. Customer ID has the format 123-123-1234.

How to set up integration with Google Ads 14

6. Turn on the tool. It will get the Active status.
The Currency field contains the currency specified in the conversion settings of your Google Ads account. Action amounts in the Admitad Affiliate statistics will be converted into this currency and then exported to your Google Ads account.

Further work

After you set up import conversion, all conversions with the gclid tag will be uploaded to your Google Ads account, and the conversion data will appear in the statistics. Conversions are sent immediately after they are fixed.
In Admitad Affiliate statistics, you can find such conversions by the gclid value in the SubID4 column.

Conversions can be transmitted only if actions were completed after a user followed an affiliate link generated for the Google AdWords ad space. If you set up the tool but use the affiliate links of another ad space to drive traffic, the tool will not work.

In case an error occurs while importing the conversion into Google Ads, you'll see an error code and a link to the Google document with its decryption. Our tool will re-import the conversion once a day until it is imported successfully.

When you have enough data, you can optimize your CPC and increase the number of conversions by turning on automated Google Ads bid strategies. Learn more about these strategies in Google Ads Help.

If you have any doubts that the tool works correctly, go back to the tool page and click Check access. Admitad Affiliate will send a test request. If everything is configured correctly, you will see the message "The data is sent. Integration functions correctly".
If you decide to stop importing conversions, delete the integration data (the Delete data button). The same should be done in case it becomes necessary to reconfigure the tool, for example, to join another Google Ads account - it can be done only after you reset the tool.

If you need to stop the tool for a while, use the Pause option. The tool will become inactive, but if necessary, you can quickly turn it back on by clicking the Enable tool button. The configuration process, in this case, will not need to be repeated.

Possible errors when configuring integration

Error Solution
Invalid format of client_customer_id. The format must be "123-123-1234" Verify that you entered the client_customer_id correctly.
It is listed in the upper right corner of your Google Ads account, above the email.
Invalid client_customer_id. Make sure that
your Google Ads account is linked to the current Google Account.
This error can occur if you have multiple Google accounts and have Google Ads accounts linked to them. Make sure that you enter the client_customer_id of the account that was previously allowed to access the Admitad Affiliate application.
If you selected the wrong account when giving access, go back to the instrument page and start the configuration again.

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