Admitad Bot for Telegram

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Admitad Bot is a bot for Telegram that helps you receive and check affiliate links using a phone or other device.

How to use the bot

Setup and authorization

1. Add the Admitad Bot in Telegram. To do so, open Telegram and type "admitad bot" in the search bar.
You'll see several bots from Admitad; you need @admitad_bot.

Admitad Bot for Telegram 1

2. Choose it and click Start.

Admitad Bot for Telegram 2

3. The bot will tell you about its functions and propose logging in to your Admitad Partner Network account. You have to do this to start working. Click Log in.

Admitad Bot for Telegram 3

4. You'll be redirected to the authorization page in the browser. Enter your Admitad Partner Network login and password and enter the system. Then return to Telegram.

Choosing an ad space

The next step is to choose the ad space for which you want to get a deeplink:

  • If you have only one space, the bot will choose it automatically.
  • If you have several, choose one from the list.

Admitad Bot for Telegram 4

The bot will remember what space you chose and will propose it next time by default.

Admitad Bot for Telegram 5

You can change the space at any time by clicking the (/) button and choosing the command /changewebsite.

Admitad Bot for Telegram 6


You can get a deeplink using Admitad Bot even if your space isn't connected to the affiliate program or the program isn't among Admitad Partner Network's programs. In this case, the bot will find a similar program in Admitad Lite's database and send a deeplink for it. There are over 30,000 advertisers in Admitad Lite, and you don't have to join them.

1. Send the bot a link for which you want to get a deeplink.

Here, we sent a link to the site of the advertiser Shein.

Admitad Bot for Telegram 7

The bot determined which program the link belongs to and generated a deeplink for it. It has already been shortened, so we can put it in our space right away.

2. You can also send the bot several links in one message, separating them with spaces or by pressing Shift+Enter, and get deeplinks for all of them at once.

We want to get deeplinks for affiliate programs iHerb INT and Floryday WW.
Note that these programs are in Admitad Partner Network but we're not connected to them, so the bot found replacements in Admitad Lite.

Admitad Bot for Telegram 8

If your space isn't connected to the program and there isn't such a program in Admitad Lite, you'll get the message "No affiliate program for this link found on Admitad."

Admitad Bot for Telegram 9


To get a deeplink with a SubID, add the desired SubID(s) to the link following a space. You can add up to 4 SubIDs to one link: the first value will be added as SubID, the second as SubID1, etc.

We've added the SubIDs "blue" and "12" to the original link.

Admitad Bot for Telegram 10

You can only add SubIDs if there is one link in the message. If there are several, you won't be able to add SubIDs to them.

We added two links to Shein's website and wanted to add SubIDs with the product categories as the value. Admitad Bot generated deeplinks for both links, but without SubIDs (there was no "SubID" line in the bot's response).

Admitad Bot for Telegram 11


If you're working with the program AliExpress and sent the bot a link to a product that's included in the category Hot Products, the bot will inform you of this and show you the reward rate for this product. The deeplink will be generated in a special way that will allow you to get this higher reward.

Admitad Bot for Telegram 12

Admitad Bot doesn't check if AliExpress products are affiliate. To check whether the product is affiliate, use Link checker or the Reward calculation tool on the AliExpress WW and AliExpress RU&CIS program pages.


In addition to generating deeplinks, Admitad Bot can test links that have already been made. Send the bot a deeplink. If it's working, you'll see a green tick after the link in the response.

Admitad Bot for Telegram 13

If not, there'll be a red cross.

Admitad Bot for Telegram 14

You can also check shortened affiliate links, but only if they were shortened using Admitad Partner Network tools (Shortlink, the Extension, or this bot).

Admitad Bot for Telegram 15


Can an employee with a guest account use Admitad Bot? 

Yes, guest account users can use all features of Admitad Bot.

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