"Balance history" section in Admitad Partner Network

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You can see the full history of the movement of funds in and out of your Admitad Partner Network balance in the Balance history area. You can get there using the menu at the top of the screen in your personal account (PaymentsBalance history).

What data is available

The data is presented as a table containing a list of operations, starting with the most recent.


The table contains the following columns:

Date — the date of the operation.

Amount — the amount that was credited to or withdrawn from the balance.

Currency — the currency in question.

Operation type:

  • Credit — funds were added to the balance.
    For example, the crediting of rewards for a target action; the return of funds following a payment request that could not be carried out; or the crediting of funds following a withdrawal made in error.
  • Withdrawal means debiting funds from the balance.
    For example, a withdrawal occurs when you transfer funds to your Admitad Earnings Wallet. A withdrawal also occurs when a commission for a target action was charged because the advertiser declined that action. See here for more on declining already confirmed actions

Withdrawals in the Balance history section are only shown for confirmed actions. For instance, if some actions with the "On hold" or "Confirmed, awaiting advertiser payment" statuses, rewards for such actions will just disappear from your balance and won't appear in the Balance history section. You'll be able to find the information on such actions in the report on actions by filtering by the "Declined" status.

Reason — the reason funds were credited or withdrawn.

  • Payment for action ID*** — this means the advertiser confirmed the action with ID*** and the relevant reward was credited to the balance.
    If the advertiser later declines the confirmed action, another operation with the reason Payment for action ID*** will appear in your balance, but this time it will be a withdrawal.


    Click on the text of the reason to see detailed information about the action: which program and ad space it is tied to, the rate, the order amount, etc.
  • Payment request means you have transferred funds to your Admitad Earnings Wallet and the specified amount was debited from your Admitad Partner Network balance.

  • Fine for fraudulent actions — this means that some rewards you've already withdrawn from Admitad Partner Network were debited from your balance and returned to the advertiser's balance as they declined some earlier confirmed action due to the violation of program rules. Learn more

      • In the comment, the program the deduction is related to is specified.
      • To view the detailed information, click Learn more. The pop-up window will open where you'll be able to download the detailed report on all declined actions.
  • Balance transaction — used for balance operations carried out manually, as well as automatic withdrawals or credits for target actions for AliExpress programs with the comment "Antispam deduction." See here for more on antispam deduction.
  • Transfer between publishers — used for transfers from your Admitad Partner Network balance to a GetUniq balance. Also used for amounts the rewards for which were decreased due to the use of the Instant Payout service. In this case, the operation will have the comment "Instant Pay fee."
  • Referral payment — for cases when funds were credited under the conditions of an Admitad Partner Network referral program. See here for more on referral programs.

Comment — additional information on the operation.

How to find an operation in the balance history

Use the filter above the table to search for particular operations. You can search by one parameter or by several at the same time. You can search by:

  • date
  • currency
  • operation type
  • reason
  • target action ID. The IDs of all actions can be found in the section Reports on actions.

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