Admitad Cookieless Tracking

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In order to track actions on advertisers’ websites and attribute them to the right publishers, Admitad Partner Network normally sets a tracking cookie in users’ browsers. However, the GDPR and ITP rules state that a cookie can be placed only if the user consents and users may prefer not to use cookies at all and opt out. To comply with GDPR and ITP requirements and preserve tracking at the same time, Admitad Partner Network has come up with a cookieless tracking solution.

How does it work?

  1. An affiliate link contains a GET parameter with the admitad_uid value. When a user clicks an affiliate link and comes to your site, you should collect and store this value.
  2. When the user converts, transmit the same admitad_uid value together with the order data.
  3. Based on admitad_uid, Admitad will assign the conversion to a publisher.

How do I set up cookieless tracking?

  1. Collect the admitad_uid value sent in a special GET parameter. Store it using any method you like:
    • Preserve admitad_uid in a GET parameter across all pages, from the page a user arrives at after clicking the affiliate link right up to the conversion page.
    • Store admitad_uid in the database.
    • Save admitad_uid in session storage.
    • Any other method that works for this purpose.

Note that the stored value must be updated, if a new admitad_uid value is supplied.

  1. When a user performs an action, pass on the same admitad_uid value to Admitad Partner Network.

Query string example:

If you want to use a front-end solution, contact your account manager. You’ll be provided with a custom solution.

  1. Make sure you’ve set up tracking correctly by carrying out this test procedure.
  2. Confirm with your account manager that the test went through and that the conversion appeared in Admitad Partner Network reports.

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