Recruiting publishers

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After launching your program, you need to engage publishers who will place your ad creatives on their ad spaces and attract traffic to your website. The more publishers will join you, the more efficient your affiliate program will be.

Referral program

One of the ways to recruit partners is to place a referral link on your website. You can read more here.

However, in most cases, publishers decide themselves which program to join by selecting interesting ones in the All Programs catalog.

Main indicators

When choosing, first of all, publishers look for programs with a site theme similar to the one of their ad space, because such programs are easier and more convenient to promote.

Then they look at the program rating. By default, all programs in the program catalog are filtered by this indicator. Since few publishers look through all hundreds of programs in All Programs, the higher rating your program has, the higher is the chance that a publisher will find it and apply for cooperation. Besides, if publishers are new to CPA and do not know yet what all other indicators like eCPC and CR mean, program rating is the clearest benchmark for them.

The following program indicators also have a great influence on a publisher's decision:

  • Cookie lifetime — the longer the lifetime is, the better it is for a publisher because the likelihood that a user will place an order increases.
  • Approval rate — a low approval rate will frighten publishers away because it proves that you decline most actions.
  • Average processing time — the quicker you process actions, the sooner publishers will be able to withdraw their reward. Consequently, programs with short processing time are more popular among publishers.
  • Average payment time — average time for which you perform verifications and make payments to publishers. As with the average processing time, the shorter the payment time is, the higher is the chance that the publisher will decide to join the program.
  • Conversion rate — a high conversion rate shows publishers that the program has a user-friendly website and a good product, and it is worth working with.

Publishers can see all these indicators in the program header.


Besides, if they wish, they can look through the dynamics of changes of the approval rate, average processing time, conversion rate in the block Program Reports on the program page.


Types of traffic

One of the determining factors that have an impact on the publishers’ decision about joining your program is allowed traffic sources. If publishers got interested in the program, but in the program rule, learns that their types of traffic are forbidden, he will have to refuse from joining and you will lose an additional channel for promotion. So, if you have few requests for cooperation, try to make your settings less strict and allow more traffic sources. If you have doubts about any type of traffic, you can select the Needs approval option or, for the start, approve requests only from the top partners.


Publishers also need to know what tools you have. For example, for daily deals websites, it is essential that your program supports Coupons & Deals and Lost Orders, and comparison shopping websites need product feed. And for all publishers, it is important to be able to use Deeplink. So keep in mind that when refusing from any tool, you lose some of your potential partners.

A list of tools is also displayed on the program page:


Bonus programs, deals, and individual terms

Finally, if you have a bonus program or other individual terms, it also increases the attractiveness of your program to publishers. The terms are usually specified right in the program description to draw maximum attention.

If you are not ready to pay bonuses on a monthly basis, you can launch a deal with a limited term, linked to some event, e.g. New Year, Black Friday, winter sale, etc.

Suspending recruiting new publishers

If you have almost spent your budget planned for the program, and cannot increase the number of partners, cease recruiting publishers. To do this, ask your account manager to tick Pause in the Recruiting new publishers field in General Settings.


After ticking, publishers will still be able to send a request for joining the program but, they will see a notice:

Attention! Recruiting new publishers for this affiliate program is temporarily suspended. You can leave your request and the advertiser will consider it after recruitment is resumed.

You will not receive these requests until the box is unticked.

You can cease recruiting for an unlimited period of time.

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