Admitad Monetize products overview

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Admitad Monetize products are ready-to-use solutions that can help you automate monetization of your platform and earn using the CPA/CPC model.

How Admitad Monetize products work

Advertisers listed in the Admitad Monetize catalog seek to boost sales and are ready to pay you for leading new customers to them.

After integration with your platform, the selected Admitad Monetize product will start processing default (direct) links a user can find when using your platform.

This means that if an advertiser is found in the Admitad Monetize catalog for a default link, the selected product will add special tags to such a link, so you could track orders and clicks. These 'converted' links are called affiliate links.

The following conditions are the only requirement for receiving a reward:

  • The platform user came to the advertiser's website through an affiliate link and placed an order or bought something.
  • The advertiser checked and confirmed that the order was made and did not violate the rules.

Admitad Monetize products

Currently, there is only one product on Admitad Monetize, MonetizeLink.

MonetizeLink is a great solution for monetizing content websites (blogs, forums, news portals, etc.). Learn more about MonetizeLink

The following products are coming to Admitad Monetize soon:

  • MonetizeSearch, a search engine monetization tool.
    Integrates logos and affiliate links into search results.

  • MonetizeExtension, a browser extension monetization tool.
    Integrates logos and affiliate links into search results.

  • MonetizeAPI, a tool for monetizing browsers and other solutions.
    Helps you create unique monetization models for your platform.

MonetizeLink is a content website and forum monetization solution.

Resources: thematic websites, forums, blogs, news portals, etc. Types of websites that can't be integrated with MonetizeLink

How it works:

1. MonetizeLink analyzes content on your website.

2. MonetizeLink finds direct links leading to websites of advertisers listed in the Admitad Monetize catalog.

3. MonetizeLink automatically turns default links into affiliate links—by adding special tags to track clicks and orders.

Common questions about MonetizeLink JavaScript


  • MonetizeLink only processes direct links for which corresponding advertisers were found in the Admitad Monetize catalog.
  • MonetizeLink does not process links if they are already affiliate links (for example, if you already cooperate with the affiliate network and publish affiliate links you generated there).

Integration methods: deploying a JavaScript code in the platform's source (see guide).


  • Reduced routine. You don't have to look for advertisers, negotiate terms, place ads, and collect statistics on your own.
    The only thing you need to do is integrate MonetizeLink once. It will automatically find all appropriate links on your platform and turn them into affiliate links.
    Besides, MonetizeLink will process all the new links that will be added to your website.

  • Full content coverage. The more links on your platform will become affiliate, the higher your possible earnings will be. MonetizeLink processes not just content you created, but also user-generate content (e.g., comments on a blog or posts on a forum).

  • Flexible settings. You can set the rules which MonetizeLink will abide by when processing content. For example, you can forbid processing of specific domains or exclude specific sections or elements.

  • Automatic link updating. If an affiliate link gets out of date or inactive, MonetizeLink will automatically select a new offering for it and replace the link, so it keeps earning for you.

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