Documents required for cooperation with Admitad Partner Network

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To start cooperation with Admitad Partner Network and create an affiliate program, you need to provide a number of supporting documents or your company's tax details.

This is necessary to comply with the tax laws of your country.

The list of required documents depends on the country where your company is registered:

  • EU countries:

    • Company's VAT number. No other supporting documents are required.

  • Russia and CIS states:

    • If the agreement will be signed not by the CEO, the power of attorney for the signatory to represent the CEO is required.
    • Other supporting documents are optional and are provided on request of Admitad lawyers.

Without these documents, we won't be able to enter into an agreement with your company.

  • Other countries:

    • Trade register (in English if possible)
    • Company registration certificate
    • Company residence certificate

You can find the certificate requirements below.

Certificate requirements

  • Check the issue date and expiration date of your certificate:

    • The certificate must be valid at the time of accepting the Admitad offer.

    • The certificate should be issued no earlier than one year before accepting the Admitad offer.
      For instance, if you want to enter into an agreement with Admitad on August 12, 2022, you can only use the certificate issued no later than on August 12, 2021.

  • If the certificate only contains the company's registration number without the company name, provide a document verifying that your company has this very registration number.

  • Make sure the certificate contains signatures, seals, and/or stamps of a registering authority.

  • For certificate of residence. The residence period indicated in the certificate must match the period during which you are going to cooperate with Admitad.

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