Why have my earnings disappeared from the "Ready for withdrawal" or "Awaiting advertiser payment" fields?

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The Ready for withdrawal and Awaiting advertiser payment balance can reduce due to the following reasons:

1. Violation of program rules
In case an advertiser suspects that a publisher violated the program rules, the advertiser can put already confirmed actions back to the hold until the circumstances are clarified. Accordingly, the reward for them will be transferred from Ready for withdrawal to On hold.
If the suspicions are not confirmed, your actions and reward will get the original statuses, and you will be able to withdraw the earnings from the system.
If the violation is proven, the advertiser has the right to decline the actions. Then the money will disappear from the Balance Details section, but you still will be able to find them in Reports on actions in the Declined status.
Why have my earnings disappeared?

2. An advertiser has made a mistake while processing actions.
For example, they have set the wrong statuses or miscalculated the reward. The actions and reward will be returned back to the hold until the advertiser sends Admitad the correct data.

3. Technical problems.
If there is a malfunction in the system, declined or unprocessed actions can get the Ready for withdrawal status by mistake. In this case, you will get an email notification about technical problems, both actions and rewards will get back to the hold as in the previous case. After the problems are solved, all actions will be uploaded to the system with correct statuses and rewards.

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