How to export product feed?

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You can export information about products of joined programs using Product Feeds tool. This tool will be useful for the owners of online showrooms and price comparison websites.

Procedure of exporting product feed

1. To get product feed, go to Product FeedOriginal.

How to export product feed? 1

2. Fill the fields.

How to export product feed? 2

Ad Space — select the ad space where you plan to place the product feed.

Program — the affiliate program whose product feed you want to export.

Feed — the type of feed you want to get.

Export Template — if you have templates for a selected program, you can select one. In this case, all parameters specified in the template will be automatically transferred to the corresponding fields.

Currency — choose the currency in which the price of the goods will be displayed at your ad space. Not required if the export template is selected.

Feed format — select the format of an exported file: XML or CSV. Not required if the export template is selected.

If you need to get information only about discounted products, tick the relevant field.

Date and time of relevant export — fill this field if you want to export only information about the products that have been changed since the chosen moment.

3. Click Generate. A new link will appear in a Generated Link field. Follow it to download the file.

How to export product feed? 3

By default, the file contains all parameters available for the selected program. However, if you selected an export template, there will be only parameters set in this template.

3. Edit the file, if necessary (rename columns, change the data format, etc.) and use your own or ready-made parser or plug-in to upload it to your site.

Export Templates

In order not to set all parameters manually every time you need to download the product feed, create an Export template.

How to export product feed? 4

1. Here you must specify the same information as in Original Product Feed.

2. Also you can specify SubID, select character encoding (utf-8 or windows-1251), and for CSV files you can set item separation symbol.

How to export product feed? 5

3. Besides, the advantage of using the template is that you can choose parameters and change their names. This way, the file will contain only the required parameters under the desired names. The list of available parameters varies depending on the program selected.

How to export product feed? 6

Description of frequently used parameters:

Parameter Description
<article> Product SKU.
<adult> Indicates a product related to the satisfaction of sexual needs, or otherwise exploiting interest in sex.
<barcode> Barcode of the product specified by the vendor.
<categoryId> Product category identifier (an integer up to 18 characters). A product can belong only to one category.
<currencyId> Product currency identifier (RUB, USD, UAH, KZT).
<delivery> Possibility to deliver the product.
<description> Description of the product.
<local_delivery_cost> The cost of delivery in a local region.
<model> Model.
<name> Product name.
<oldprice> The parameter with an old price value, i.e. the price before a discount or a sale. Names <old_price>, <price_old> are also allowed.
<param> Product features.
<pickup> Possibility to reserve the product and pick it up.
<picture> Photo of a product. We advise adding several photos excluding the use of the array <pictures>.
<price> Product price.
<sales_notes> Information about the minimum order amount, a minimal batch of products, or the requirement of a prepayment, as well as the description of deals, discounts, and sales.
<store> Possibility to buy the product in the retail store.
<typePrefix> Group and category of products.
<url> The URL address of a product page.
<vendor> Product vendor.
<vendorCode> Product code, vendor code.

4. To edit or delete a template or to get the link again, go to the list of templates.

How to export product feed? 7


Export from a program page

Another way to get a product feed is to export it directly from a program page.

1. To find programs with a product feed, go to the program catalog and select Product Feed in the Tools filter.

How to export product feed? 8

2. Go to the program page and select Product feeds in the Menu.

How to export product feed? 9

3. Specify the ad space where you plan to use the feed and the type of the feed. Links to CSV and XML files will be generated automatically.

How to export product feed? 10


How often is the product feed updated?

The product feed is updated every 2 hours.

The time of the last update is specified in the field Updated by advertiser of the Product Feeds section on the program page.

How to export product feed? 11


What will happen if advertisers delete some products on their websites?

If advertisers add or delete products on their websites, the correspondent changes occur in the product feed.

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