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In Settings, you can edit your personal and contact details, add or remove ad spaces, configure email notifications, edit payment details, set up guest access rights, and get credentials for API integration.

To go to account settings, hover the cursor over your username in the upper-right corner, then select Settings in the dropdown list.

Settings: section overview 1


You will be taken to User Details. Click on the corresponding tab to move to the section you need.

Settings: section overview 2

Below you will find the description of every section.


In this section, you can add or change your personal details, contact details, and general account settings. The section consists of two modules:

User Details

To edit the details, click Edit against a field. To confirm changes in some details, you will be prompted to enter your account password. Learn more here: How to edit personal details

  • Username. Your Admitad Affiliate username. On your right, you will see the Delete account button that will help you delete your account. Account deletion guide
  • Publisher ID. Your account's unique ID. You cannot change it.
  • Name. Your full name.
  • Email address. Your primary email that you specified when registering in Admitad Affiliate. How to add a secondary email
  • Default language. The language of your account interface.
  • Default currency. The currency in which your income is calculated and displayed in the module 30-Day Report on the main page. What your default currency affects
  • Your region. The country in which you are currently located.
  • Password. Here, you can change your password. If you don't remember your password, use the password recovery guide.
  • Date of birth. Your birthdate.
  • Company name. If you cooperate with Admitad Affiliate as a legal entity, enter your company name here.
  • Monetization of dummy traffic. We are testing the function that would allow earning on user transitions through broken affiliate links. You can disable this option if you don't want your traffic to be used in testing.

Settings: section overview 3

Contact information

  • Mobile phone. Your phone number. You use it to verify payment methods that you add to withdraw your funds.
  • Skype. Your Skype username. Optional.
  • ICQ. Your ICQ number. Optional.

Settings: section overview 4

Ad Spaces

This section displays all your ad spaces. You can sort the list by name (forward or reverse alphabetical order) or by status.

Statuses of ad spaces

In Admitad Affiliate, an ad space may have one of the following statuses:

  • Inactive. The ad space is pending confirmation. Only ad spaces of the type Website may have this status. Click on the status to go to the confirmation page. How to verify ad space ownership
  • Active. The ad space is ready for use in Admitad Affiliate. You can connect it to programs and publish affiliate links on it.
  • Blocked. The ad space is blocked. To find out the blocking reason, click the question icon to the right of the status.

Settings: section overview 5

Adding, editing, and removing ad spaces

To add an ad space, click Create Ad Space (1) (guide).

To edit an ad space, click Edit (2).

  • If the ad space is active, you can only change its name.
  • For inactive ad spaces, you can change both the name and the link.
  • Blocked ad spaces can only be removed.

To remove an ad space, click Remove (3).

  • After removed, the ad space will be disconnected from all programs; all supplementary agreements with advertisers will be terminated.
  • You cannot restore a removed ad space, but you can add it as a new ad space.

Settings: section overview 6

Email notifications

In the tab Email notifications, you can set up what notifications you will receive via email. For that, flag all the notification types you need. To learn more about what information you will receive in a notification, click the question icon to the right of the notification (if there is such an icon).

Settings: section overview 7


After you select the notification types, click Save changes in the right part of the screen. You will get all the notifications you select on the specified email.

Settings: section overview 8

If you have more than one email address, in the dropdown on your right you can select one for which you will set up notifications; or you can add a new address following this guide.

Payment information

In this section, you can add one or several payment methods for withdrawing your funds. Learn more in How to add a payment method.

To add a payment method, you need to link a phone number to your account.

In Admitad Affiliate, a payment method may have one of the seven statuses:

  • Active. The payment method is confirmed and active; you can withdraw your funds using it. If a payment method is active, you can only change the method name or remove it.
  • Confirmation required. The payment method was created but was not confirmed. Click on the status to confirm the payment method using a text message code that will be sent to your phone number.
  • Verifying. After confirmation, your payment details will be submitted to Admitad Affiliate specialists for verification. It usually takes 1-2 business days.
  • Editing required. The payment method did not pass verification, since some details are invalid. Click on the status, edit the payment methods; then save the changes to re-submit the details for verification.
  • Declined. Your payment method will be declined if you have entered details of a bank card issued beyond Russia or Ukraine. Currently, Admitad Affiliate does not support withdrawing funds to cards issued in other countries. Add another card or payment method.
  • Not supported. The payment method is no longer supported by Admitad Affiliate. Add another payment method.
  • Payoneer authorization required. To finish setting up this payment method, click Edit and log in to your Payoneer account (or create a Payoneer account if you don't have one).

You can edit and remove payment methods using icons in the column Actions.

Settings: section overview 9


Guest accounts

Guest access may come in handy if you work in a team or if you have subordinates. Here, you can create several accounts and provide every guest account with access to specific account sections. How to set up guest access

API and apps

In this section, you can find API credentials and a list of apps that you allowed to access your Admitad Affiliate account. For detailed information about API and using it, read Admitad API Documentation.

Account security

In this section, you can set up two-factor authentication to protect your account against hacking. Instruction

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