Referral link

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A referral link is a tool for attracting new publishers. Place it on your website, for example on the page Affiliate Program or Cooperation. All users who follow this link and register in Admitad Partner Network will become your referrals.

Admitad Partner Network's commission on the referrals' actions is charged on special favorable terms. You can ask your account manager about them.

This is how it is implemented in the Asos affiliate program:


Every program has its unique referral link. It can be found in Program → Referral link.


After you attract the first referrals, in the Saved section you will see the amount you have saved on paying commission. To the left, there is the total number of the publishers who registered after following your referral link and the number of active referrals, i.e. those who have withdrawn their earnings at least once. The more active referrals you have, the more money you save.

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