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Channels is a tool that along with groups allows uniting ad spaces by common features. However, unlike a group, in a channel, you can change the existing commission rates or the hold time for its members. For example, you can set an increased rate and shorten the hold time.

Besides, you can create a channel link with special UTM parameters that will allow you to monitor and analyze the traffic of the channel members. The peculiarity of this tool is that one ad space can be allocated only to one channel at a time, while this limitation does not cover groups.

What are channels for?

Channels are useful if you need:

  • To add additional parameters for monitoring traffic of ad spaces of publishers or groups of publishers,
  • To set special reward or hold time for specific publishers (for example, you can make a special “VIP” channel with an increased rate, reduced hold time, and a special parameter for their traffic);
  • To add exclusive banners and coupons for special publishers.

How to create a channel?

To create a channel, contact the manager and specify:

  • The purpose of the channel: what ad spaces should be added there and on what basis,
  • A list of UTM parameters and their values — if you need to generate a special link for the channel members,
    Add only those tags that you do not have in your standard affiliate link, otherwise, their values will be replaced by the channel ones, and you will lose a part of information about your traffic,
  • Whether the ad spaces in the channel should participate in your bonus program.
  • If a special cookie lifetime should be set for the channel, and, if so, how many days there should be.

After the channel is created, it appears in a general list.


How to set a rate for a channel?

One of the functions of the channel is setting special rates or hold times that will be effective only for its members. As when adding a usual action, you can set up different rates for different regions, categories of products, existing/new users, etc. (read more about rates settings in Actions and rates). To set a channel rate, contact the account manager.

You can check what rates are effective for the channel by clicking channels-11.png in the Tools column. You will see a pop-up window with all actions and rates for this channel. Rates in bold are exclusive for the channel. If the font is normal, the channel has no special rates and uses the standard rates of the program.


To change the rate of the action or deactivate it, contact your manager.

How to add ad spaces to the channel?

Adding manually

You can add ad spaces only after activating the channel (channels-10.png button​). Then the number in Ad spaces will become clickable. Click on it.


You can add ad spaces one by one or add a group of ad spaces (if you have active groups). To do this, in the pop-up window press Add new ad spaces and start typing a group name, an ad space address, or a publisher’s login and choose the desired variant from the list.channels_FI8s9T8.png


When adding a group to the channel, it is not necessary to transfer all ad spaces of the group. You can select only some of them.

Tick the required ad spaces and save changes. The selected ad spaces will be added to the channel for an unlimited period of time.


If you want to transfer all ad spaces of the group to the channel, select all ad spaces by ticking the Ad space field and press Save changes.


Ad spaces can be added for an unlimited or limited period of time. In the second case, when adding ad spaces, specify the period within which they will be allocated to the channel. You can specify a separate period for every ad space.


or to set one period for all selected ad spaces at the bottom of the list.


Pay attention that if you shut the channel down, all added ad spaces will be deleted. In case of enabling the channel again, ad spaces will not be restored. You will have to add them to the channel anew.

If you do not want to add ad spaces manually, you can set an auto-adding.


To set an auto-adding, you must first create and activate channels.

Automating adding is set by the manager in General settings (ProgramProgram settingsGeneral settings).


If you set an auto-adding, all approved ad spaces with a certain account level will be immediately allocated to a specified channel.

Auto-adding is rarely used because ad spaces can be filtered only by the account level. That is why It is more convenient and accurate to allocate ad spaces by channels manually,  though it takes more time.

Can I delete a channel?

Yes, you can do it by yourself, if you have access, or contact the account manager.

To delete a channel, press channels-12.png in the Tools column.

If for some reason you do not want to delete a channel, you can simply deactivate it by pressing channels-13.png​ in the same column. Both when deleting and disconnecting the channel, all its members will be deleted — if you decide to reactivate the channel again, you will have to add them again. After deactivation, all channel links will be replaced by standard ones, and the rewards will be calculated by standard rates.


Reports on channels

If you need analytics on channels, go to Reports on channels.


Here are the reports for all channels of your program. By default, the data is shown for the current month. You can change the period in the Date Range filter in the upper left corner.


Reports on channels are useful if you need to see the performance of channels in general. However, if you want to compare the performance of publishers or ad spaces in the channel, it is better to use Reports on publishers or Reports on ad spaces and filter the data for the required channel.


The set of data will be the same as in Reports on channels but instead of the whole channel, there will be a breakdown by its publishers or ad spaces.

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