Moderation of publishers

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Moderation of publishers is an important stage in managing your affiliate program. The quality of the attracted traffic, and consequently, your program profitability, depends on what publishers you recruit for your program.

It is important to promptly process publisher applications:

  • Firstly, the quicker you approve an application, the faster a publisher will start driving traffic to your website.
  • Secondly, prompt moderation has a positive impact on the reputation of your program. On the contrary, delays may lead to negative feedback from the publishers in social networks, forums, websites, etc.
  • Thirdly, keep in mind that most publishers apply to several programs at the same time, so if they don’t hear back immediately about their approval from you, they will join another program, probably even your competitor. You may risk losing good-performing highly motivated affiliates.

You can moderate publishers manually or set an auto-approval.


An auto-approval does not assume a personal approach to every application and is less accurate than manual processing. However, it saves effort and considerably accelerates moderation.
You can set auto-approval for ad spaces with certain traffic sources and/or account levels. Your account manager will specify the relevant settings in your account.


To be approved, the ad space must comply with both criteria. For example, on the screenshot above we ticked the "Website" category and "AD1, AD2, AD3" account levels. It means that only the websites with AD1, AD2, or AD3 levels will pass moderation.

Depending on the goals, you can adjust the strictness of the settings:

  • If you care a lot about the traffic quality, make the settings stricter. For example, set an auto-approval only for publishers with AD1-AD3 account levels.
  • There is a sense to let the system automatically approve ad spaces like Contextual advertising or Arbitration agency because, in fact, you can see the quality of their traffic only when already working with them, but you will save a lot of time and effort.
  • If you aim at attracting more affiliates, remove all restrictions and approve all applications.

The applications that do not match the specified criteria will pending manual moderation.

Manual moderation

Manual moderation allows taking a close look at every ad space: whether its topic complies with your website, whether traffic sources suit you etc. Besides, you can add the ad space to a channel or a group at once.

If you have any questions to publishers about their traffic, you can ask them via your account manager.

Manually approving is especially relevant for the programs that work by pay-per-lead model, i.e. in this case it is necessary to select affiliates very carefully to avoid fraud.

Also, manual moderation should be applied if you pay a special reward for any traffic source (for example, a double rate for cashback services). Then you can manually select the cashback services from all websites and add them to the relevant group with the increased reward.

However, despite all advantages, manual moderation is very time-consuming, especially if your program is popular among publishers and you receive dozens of applications every day. That is why, keeping in mind the importance of prompt moderation, we advise you to set an auto-approval at least for a part of applications.

The procedure of manual moderation

1. To process applications, select Publishers On hold.


2. You will see a list of pending applications with information about a publisher and an ad space.
Click the name of the ad space to see its description.


3. If, for example, you want to process only applications from websites or ad spaces with the AD0 account level, use filters.


4. Tick the applications which statuses you want to change. Below, in the Status of the selected applications field, choose the status and press Apply. If necessary, assign them a group or a channel.


5. If you select the Declined status, you will need to specify the reason for declining. When selecting the option Other reason, enter your comment manually.


After that, the statuses of the selected applications will change to the chosen one.

6. You can change the status individually for every ad space by selecting the required one in the Status column.


7. When you finish assigning statuses, do not forget to click Save all changes. All processed applications will disappear from the list. The publishers whose applications you confirmed will be transferred to My publishers (Publishers My publishers), and the declined publishers will be transferred to Declined (Publishers Declined).

Even if the application was declined, you can always return it to On hold or confirm it (if, for example, it was declined by mistake). To do this, go to Declined (PublishersDeclined) and change the status of the application.


Post-moderation is a type of moderation when you approve applications of publishers, monitor their performance and traffic quality during a certain period of time, and disconnect those who have shown poor results (low traffic quality, low conversion rate, a lot of returned or declined orders, violation of rules).

To disconnect publishers, provide your account manager with a list of logins, or do it yourself if you have access. The access is granted by the account manager.

To disconnect publishers who already work with your program, go to My publishers (PublishersMy publishers), find the publishers, and press moderation-11.png in the Tools column. Select the reason for disconnection in the drop-down list.


If you disconnect the publishers because of the rules violation or using a forbidden traffic source, they will be disconnected within 10-30 minutes.

If you disconnect publishers because of poor traffic quality, exhaustion of the program budget, or for other reasons, they will be disconnected in 24 hours.

After selecting the reason, a corresponding comment for the publisher will appear. You do not have to translate it for foreign publishers — the system will send it to them in the language specified in their accounts settings.
The only exception is the "Other" reason: here you need to enter a comment manually. Write a comment in the publisher's language (it is listed below the comment box). If the publishers have different languages, send a comment in English.

If necessary, you can not only disconnect an ad space but forbid a publisher to apply from other ad spaces that are not joined to your program yet.


If you need to disconnect many publishers, it is more convenient to use the option of mass disconnection. Tick the publishers and select Disable and Apply at the end of the list in Apply to selected publishers.


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