Unique promo codes

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A unique promo code, also known as an offline promo code, is a special kind of promo code that is assigned to a specific publisher and does not require the use of affiliate links.

Action attribution

When actions are performed using unique promo codes, attributes are not based on admitad_uid, as usual, but on the value of the promo code. In other words, if a user entered your unique promo code, the action is attributed to you regardless of any other sources participating in the conversion chain.

This attribution model frees you from using affiliate links, which leads to another advantage of unique promo codes: they can be also used offline.

How to get a unique promo code

In your account, select ToolsUnique promo codes.

Unique promo codes 1

This takes you to a landing page with the tool description.
To receive a unique promo code, you need to fill the request. To get to the request page, click Submit request.

Unique promo codes 2

Request field description

  • Your ad space.
    The tool was originally designed for large websites, Instagram, YouTube, and offline sources. However, if you have another interesting placement option in mind, select Other and describe it.
    If you want to get unique promo codes for several ad spaces at once, select all the appropriate options in the application form. In the next fields, you will also need to specify the information on all these ad spaces.
  • Ad space name (login).
    Enter the name of your website, Instagram account, YouTube channel, etc. By the "name" we mean the actual name, not how it is named in Admitad Partner Network.
  • Paste the link to your website, YouTube channel, or Instagram account.
    For an Instagram account, you can specify either a link to the account (https://www.instagram.com/yourlogin/) or just a login @yourlogin.
  • If you plan to use promo codes offline, in the field Placement locations describe where and how you plan to do it. For example, “I'm going to attach flyers with the promo code to receipts in my shop”.
  • Audience GEO.
    Specify which countries or cities the majority of your subscribers or visitors are from.
  • Audience size.
    The number of followers or monthly website visitors.
  • Ad space topic.
    Select all that apply. If none do, select Other and enter the topic manually.
  • Provide your contact details.
    Specify an up-to-date email address, as we will send information on the promo code to it.

Completed form example

Unique promo codes 3

Unique promo codes 4


The advertiser will consider your application. If they accept it, you will receive information on the promo code at the email address you specified in the application form.

You can use the promo code only on the ad space or offline source approved by the advertiser. If you use it elsewhere, the advertiser reserves the right to decline all actions and remove the publisher from the program.


Unique promo code use examples


Unique promo codes are especially useful for Instagram influencers. The main issue with this platform is that when a user clicks an affiliate link, all cookie files are erased, so it is impossible to determine what publisher the action should be attributed to.

Plus the number of placement options for affiliate links is limited on Instagram. Links pasted in a post are not clickable, and the chances a user will manually type them in the search box are rather small. As for Instagram stories, links can only be inserted if you have a business account and more than 10,000 followers. That means the only other options are to place links in your profile or targeted ads.

Unique promo codes solve this issue. You can insert a promo code anywhere: in your profile, posts, or stories, and all orders will be guaranteed attributed to you.


Unique promo codes can also be used in YouTube videos. Include them in the video description, as is typical with affiliate links, or mention them directly in the video.


Unique promo codes make you a publisher even if you don’t have your own online ad space. For example, if you hold seminars on self-improvement techniques, during training you can recommend websites like Skillshare and provide attendees with a promo code.

You can also distribute promo codes on flyers, which works great for movie theaters, restaurants, hotels, beauty salons, delivery services, taxis, and other companies.

Unique promo code statistics

Actions performed using unique promo codes have the #admitad-unique-promocode# SubID value.

To find such actions:

1. Go to Reports On actions.

Unique promo codes 5

2. Click the SubID filter.

Unique promo codes 6

3. Paste "#admitad-unique-promocode#" in the search bar and press Enter.

Unique promo codes 7

4. Tick "#admitad-unique-promocode#" and click Apply.

Unique promo codes 8

5. Select time period and click Apply.

Unique promo codes 9

6. Apply any other filters needed, then click Show.

You will see all actions performed using unique promo codes.

Unique promo codes 10

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