What should I do, if I have a question or a problem?

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If you have questions or problems working with Admitad Affiliate, you can ask our support team for help via a ticket.

A ticket is a series of messages concerning a question or a problem between a publisher and Admitad Affiliate employees. A ticket may be activated either by the publisher or an Admitad Affiliate employee. To create, view, and reply to tickets, you need to be signed in to your account.

If you do not have an Admitad Affiliate account yet, send your question to support@admitad.com.

The rules of creating tickets

1. All questions and problems of publishers are resolved via the ticket system. Tech support does not answer questions in Skype, the Admitad Affiliate blog, or other communication channels.

2. Tech support does not answer questions about programming, web design, or other questions that are not directly related to the system operation.

3. Before creating a ticket, check the Admitad Affiliate Help Center. The answer may already be there.

4. Tech support reserves the right not to respond to a ticket if:

  • it has been worded in a rude way;
  • the publisher has not provided the information requested by the support staff;
  • the question has no relation to Admitad Affiliate.

How to create a ticket

In the upper right corner of any account page, there is the Support button.

What should I do, if I have a question or a problem? 1

Click on it and you will get to the Tickets section. Select Add new Ticket.

What should I do, if I have a question or a problem? 2



The summary of the problem. The topic should clearly describe what will be discussed in the ticket.
Thus, the support managers will be able to quickly find your message among others if, for example, they get an update about your problem, and it will be easier for you to navigate in your tickets afterwards.

  “Change phone number”, “I cannot apply for a withdrawal”, “I cannot validate my ad space”, “Error in program feeds ...”

X   “Help!!!!!!”, “Urgent!”, “What should I do”, “Can you explain?”, “Problem”.


Assess the urgency of your question:

  • Normal — suitable for most cases.
  • Urgent — this priority is set only if you face a problem that obstructs your work, or if you have noticed a major bug in the Admitad Affiliate functionality (broken feeds or links, problems with order tracking, etc.).
    Urgent tickets are processed out of turn.
  • Low priority is set if the question is not urgent, and can wait for a while.

Please rate your priority reasonably. Our support responds to all tickets, and your ticket will be processed in any case, but if you set urgent priority when it is not necessary, you can delay resolving really urgent tickets of other publishers.


If your question is related to a specific program, provide its name. If the question is generic, leave the field blank.


  • Common issues concern working with the system in general: how to add a custom ad space, problems with ad spaces validation, change of phone numbers, etc.
  • Technical issues — choose this category, if your question refers to action tracking, generation of banner or coupon links and deeplinks, product feeds, and other tools.
  • Financial issues — this category was designed for questions about payouts from the system: how to withdraw money, what payment data are required, how often payments are made, etc.
  • Complaint — select this category, if you want to complain on a specific program, or on Admitad Affiliate in general.
  • Program is for questions about working with a particular program: whether your traffic source is allowed, what any point of program rules means, when your application for joining the program will be moderated, why your action was rejected, etc.


  • Describe the problem or the question clearly, logically, and to the point.
  • Provide examples where it is possible.

If the system failed to add a new ad space, make a screenshot of the entire screen with the error, and attach it to the ticket.

If your deeplink is broken and you do not know how to fix it, paste an example of a generated link to the ticket.

If you do not see orders in the Reports, provide the name of the program, the number of missing orders, their dates.

Remember, the clearer you describe the problem from the very beginning, the less time will be wasted on clarifying the details, and the faster the ticket will be resolved.

An example of a correctly composed ticket

What should I do if I have a question or a problem? 3

To learn what happens to the ticket after it is created, read this article.

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