Integration via plugins

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You can use a plugin for quick integration with Admitad Partner Network if your store is based on one of the following platforms:

General integration steps

  1. Register in Admitad and get the identifier and the secret key in the personal account (settings — API and apps).
  2. Install the integration module.
  3. Enter the identifier and the secret key.
  4. Set up actions and rates.
  5. Configure ReTag (available only for Webasyst)
  6. Configure automatic verification.

You can find the full description of the setup process with screenshots here:

If you want to set up integration via tracking code for your Shopify store, read this manual.

Setting up transfer of unique promo codes

For the moment unique promo codes are supported only by Magento 1 and WooCommerce, but the option can be added for the other plugins upon request.

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